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DIET TECHNO is known for housing experienced s. Dt. Ranjita, a well-reputed Dietitian/ Nutritionist , practices in HARIDWAR. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 94 patients.

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    Growing aloe would benefit you very much, mainly because of its medicinal properties, not to mention paving the way towards your first domestic herbalism.

    The plant has thick, gel-filled leaves which can be easily harvested. Just cut open one of the leaves and collect the oozing gel from it.

    The aloe juice can be found in most of the stores for healthy food, but the homegrown gel could be safer, and not to mention that it is the cheaper variant. You get the best benefits by harvesting the biggest and ripest leaves, because of their larger concentration of gel.

    You can use the substance for the following issues:

    9 health benefits of applying aloe vera topically

    Soothes burns (one of the best home remedies for sunburns) heals wounds calms acne and eczema calms rashes, boils, and another skin afflictions anti-itching for bug bites reduces wrinkles conditions hair as a shampoo (may even prevent hair loss) moisturizes skin may be used as a shaving gel

    9 health benefits of taking aloe vera internally

    Stabilizes blood sugar prevents digestive disorders like constipation, bloating, ibs and colitis and calms stomach disturbances improves the body's immunity boosts the production of white blood cells and healthy cells in cancer patients reduces heartburn and indigestion promote healthy gums promotes better functioning of the urinary tract reinforces the heart and improves the quality of blood lowers arthritis inflammation

    It's believed the plant we know today as aloe vera first came from northern Africa. The first known documentation of its medicinal use was in the ancient Egyptian papyrus called ebers, which provided twelve different recipes for aloe healing. Since then, the succulent plant has been used across the globe as both an ornamental plant, and more importantly, as a healing medicine.

    Therefore, forsake the pharmaceutical medication and enjoy the many benefits of aloe vera!

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  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
    Losing weight always sounds easy: eat healthy foods, work out, and get sufficient sleep. For many of us, though, that simple formula doesn't lead to dropping any pounds at all. If you've ever completely overhauled your diet and exercise plan only to see that number on the scale stay the same, you know how disheartening it can be, and you probably know the temptation to give up entirely. For you, friends, some comfort: it's not your fault. The problem could lie, instead, with your thyroid, and that problem can make the 'eating healthy' component just a little more complicated. Thankfully, the whole journey is here to enlighten us all and teach us which nutrients can help get that thyroid under control. Watch to see which foods may help you finally crack the weight-loss code, and of course, consult your doctor if you suspect you have any of the conditions mentioned.
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
    What happens when you eat garlic on empty stomach?
    Garlic is one of the most powerful natural cures, which we know and it is available to everyone. In the popular medicine it is used for curing diseases and angst. Because it is strong natural antibiotic, it kills a big number of bacteria, and besides that, it stimulates the immunity system and it normalizes the gut flora. However, here do not end whole its positive effects among our organism.
    We often consume garlic as addition in meals, which makes the food tastier, but have you ever asked yourself what makes consumption of garlic on empty stomach to organism?
    Scientists had this duty and they found out that this is especially very effective way to prevent and cure many diseases. They claim that when you consume garlic on empty stomach, you increase its power and with that the dangerous bacteria is more exposed to its direct impact.
    Garlic instead of antibiotic
    Garlic contains nitric substances, sodium, potassium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, phosphoric acid, vitamin C, D, B, phytosterol and aerial oils. Besides that, garlic is rich with phytocide, such as allicin. According to some studies, allicin is exceptionally effective among infections and affections. Garlic consists of more than 400 various mineral constituents, including many antioxidants.
    9 unbelievable healthy benefits of garlic:
    – It impedes the aging
    – Thanks to its curative characteristics, it helps to decrease the level of bad cholesterol in the blood
    – It kills a large number of various diseases
    – It protects from heart diseases – it reduces the synthesis of triglycerides in the liver, which helps to avoid the growth of arthrosclerosis.
    – It decreases the blood pressure and it helps against affections
    – Garlic is natural antibiotic and it is effective cure against colds and flu.
    – Its consumption is recommended for diseases of nervous system
    – Garlic helps killing the cells of malignancy of brain tumor
    – It strengthens the immunity system
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
    Most of us do not know the importance of staying fit unless we suffer from some ailment. Staying fit is definitely a daunting task but it pays off eventually. People often avoid and neglect health and fitness either due to their hectic daily schedule or due to mere laziness and step out for a walk or some sort of activities. The fact is staying fit is not at all a difficult task and once one starts inculcating the habit of practicing healthy habits, he will find it difficult not to stick to those habits. These are seven smart fitness tips that will help you to maintain body fitness.
    1. The Most Important One—Exercise
    When it comes to fitness and staying in shape all we want to do is hit the gym and then we whim “no time for it.” But it is not necessary to visit a gym to maintain health and fitness. Regular physical activity improves circulation and is a key to beat stress. Although it is imperative that you step out of home to walk for at least 30 minutes every day but if your schedule really does not permit you then read on for these easy tips.
    Say No To Elevator
    You can burn from 7 to 10 calories from one minute of climbing of stairs and this would be a reason for you to decide how many stairs you would like to climb each day.
    Swimming is a very great way to stay fit. Butterfly stroke in swimming for 10 minute is believed to burn 150 calories.
    2. Eat Healthy
    Include lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Try to eat a balanced diet and ensure that you do not eat full stomach on each meal. Instead go for healthy snack every 3 hours. It is best to avoid street foods and junk foods like burgers, pizza and artificially sweetened soft drinks. One should also avoid consuming alcoholic drinks as it not only affects weight loss but also leads to various ailments. Include high protein diet in your meals such as poultry, fish, tofu, soya, and beans.
    3. Drink Plenty Of Water
    It is imperative to keep your body hydrated to maintain health and fitness of the body. Water is believed to be a natural cleanser of the digestive system and organs. Water also ideal for detoxification that flushes out toxins from the body through skin pores (in the form of sweat) and urine.
    4. Get Enough Sleep
    Our daily life has become such that we have time for everything but ourselves. We neglect our health and fitness so much so that many people even tend to cut down their sleep time to invest that time in other activities. To stay healthy an adult should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours a day, if not more. Lack of sleep affects our cognitive skills, mood and concentration, induces stress hormones, and even affects our metabolism system and immune system. Getting enough sleep helps to heal and repair body and mind from daily stress.
    5. Get Regular Health Check-ups Done
    A regular health check-up is must for you as it helps in early detection if and when something abnormal goes inside your body. Your eye might tend to miss out any abnormality such as a mole or a lump but a physical examination will ensure you to find out such abnormalities. If you cannot get regular check-ups done you should at least get an annual check-up to make sure everything is just the way it is supposed to be.
    6. Beat Stress
    Stress can not only harm your mind but also your body and may cause digestive and cardiac problems. Regular exercising, meditation, engaging in spiritual activities, giving time for enjoying your hobbies, in short taking out time for leisure to engage in activities you like doing the most is said to relieve the body from the harmful effects of stress.
  • Dt. Ranjita
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi for increasing stemina, a well balanced diet by adding low fat products, plenty of fruit and vegetables and lean meat, you can incorporate in your daily diet. This will help your body to stay healthy and increase both your physical and mental stamina. You can add apricot, cottage cheese, olive oil, coconut water, walnut also.
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  • Dt. Ranjita
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi for gain weight_ foods like flour, rice, honey, raisins, figs, dates butter, suger, cream, jam can help increase weight. Sweet substance can increase weight better than fatty foods. Although fats are energy dense foods and help reduce the bulk of diet. Easily digestible protein of high biological value like milk, egg and a combination of cereal and pulses should be included in diet. Germinated wheat is also extremely beneficial if taken in form of gruel mixed with hot mik.
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  • Dt. Ranjita
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi, for gain weight_ foods like flour, rice, honey, raisins, figs, dates butter, suger, cream, jam can help increase weight. Sweet substance can increase weight better than fatty foods. Germinated wheat is also extremely beneficial if taken in form of gruel mixed with hot mik. A variety of food, well prepared and attractively served promotes appetite and desire to eat. An overloaded tray may often be a cause of loss of appetite.
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  • Dt. Ranjita
    answered 9 months ago
    Hi, a symptom common to all liver disease is jaundice. It is a result of increased bilirubin, a breakdown product of rbc cells, is normally excreted with bile in the stools. This is responsible for the characteristics colour of stools. However, in jaundice, the pigment is not excreted in the stools, thus making them appear chalky white. Bilirubin accumulates in blood and impart a yellow colour to the skin and sclera of the eyes. The urine also appear dark yellow or brown due to the presence of bilirubin. For gain weight_ foods like flour, rice, honey, raisins, figs, dates butter, suger, cream, jam can help increase weight. Sweet substance can increase weight better than fatty foods. Germinated wheat is also extremely beneficial if taken in form of gruel mixed with hot mik.
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