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Cosmodent Teeth & Dental Spa is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Aman Ahuja, a well-reputed Dentist, Implantologist, Dental Surgeon , practices in Gurgaon. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 80 patients.

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M.S. Ramaiah Dental College
Hierdurch Wird Bestatigt Dass Herr Frau (Germany)
Masters in Immediate Loading Implants
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International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
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American Academy Of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
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Worked at VIMHANS Hospital
Worked at Thimson's Dental Clinic ( NFC - Delhi )
Worked at Dental Flight's - Bownhall Hospital Gurgaon
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Worked at Medanta Hospital
  • BDS, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , Fellowship in Implantology
    Dentist, Implantologist, Dental Surgeon
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  • Fellowship in Implantology, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , BDS
    Removal of teeth is gradually not the first option for a lot of dental issues. However, a large number of dental infections and other causes end in extraction. The front teeth, because of their visibility, are more likely to be replaced. The back teeth often go un-replaced, though they play a higher role in terms of food digestion and function. In many patients, reasons for impaired bite and crooked tooth are traced back to failure to replace a removed tooth.

    Let us look at the some of the issues as a result of not replacing a missing tooth.

    1. Reduced chewing/digestive efficiency: the back teeth play a significant role in chewing the food and contributing to the initial stage of digestion. The salivary enzymes play a significant role in digestion when the food is chewed and removal of back teeth tends to make people swallow food faster than if good amount of chewing were to happen. Studies show that loss of each posterior tooth (molars especially) reduces tooth efficiency by 10%.

    2. Malocclusion: a malocclusion happens due to the empty space created, into which 3 teeth are trying to move. The tooth before and after the empty space tend to slowly tilt towards the empty space in between. Also, the opposing upper or lower tooth supra erupts into this space. Each tooth plays a critical role in maintaining the adjacent and opposing tooth in place, which is lost when a tooth is not replaced after removal.

    3. Bone loss: the tooth also is essential for maintaining healthy bone, and if not replaced, it can lead to accelerated loss of alveolar bone. Good bone support is very essential for construction of dentures, especially in old age, when complete dentures which are almost always removable need to be done. This is true especially in the lower teeth, where denture retention is a big challenge.

    4. Extra pressure on other teeth: not replacing a tooth puts additional pressure on the remaining teeth, leading to accelerated bone loss and wearing off of the enamel.

    5. Esthetics: there will be a sinking in of the face when back teeth are not replaced, leading to a puckering.

    So, the next time, tooth loss is inevitable, ensure you plan how to replace it in the earliest possible time period. The more it is delayed, the more difficult it is to replace it and the more expensive it will turn out for the patient. Fixed dentures or removable dentures can be the options, depending on age, food habits, finances, etc. Implants also could be another option, which is the new-age solution for replacing teeth. A detailed discussion with your dentist, ahead of removal will help you plan better.
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  • Fellowship in Implantology, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , BDS
    When you think of what strikes you first about anybody, majority of people would say the smile. There is nothing more endearing than a warm, friendly smile. When you think more about it, the smile has a huge emotional component to it. This is in addition to the esthetic and artistic value that a smile carries. There are some people who are renowned for their smiles, which is said to be so bright, which led to the term'1000-watt smile, good enough to light up a big room!

    Dentistry has evolved over the last few decades to play a major role in a person's appearance. From the shape and size of the teeth to the contour of the jaws and lips to the angle of the smile, there is something dentists can help with. There are specific proportions that are believed to produce a perfect smile, width of the eyes, distance between the eyes, width of the mouth, etc. With more and people realizing that their smiles can be improved, the demand for these is also increasing.

    The new development in improving smile is the digital smile design (dsd) that was developed by a ceramician (technician involved in making ceramic crowns) in brazil in 2007, Mr. Christian coachman. This basically involves taking a series of digital photographs and videos of the patient. These are then transferred to the computer and analyzed for the various proportions mentioned above. These images are then manipulated to achieve the correct proportions and reproduce a smile with the correct dimensions. To be doubly sure, these images are also shared with a larger group of dentists and then approval sought.

    Detailed discussions are held with the patient on how this will reflect once the change is done. Once changes suggested by the dentist are accepted by the patient and incorporated, then the patient's smile is reconstructed using the calculated analysis and post that the smile correction is done. A successful digital smile design is a great example of teamwork as multidisciplinary teams from dentistry are involved.
    The result is an enhanced smile that improves the patient's perception of beauty and also improves their confidence levels and feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. It is to be noted that what a person wants to express with his smile can be taken into account when designing a smile.

    The major advantage of dsd is that there is no need for any special equipment and the digital equipment that is part of most dental setups is sufficient to design a smile. Smile designing is only poised to grow more popular in the coming years, with the greater focus on appearance and beauty.
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  • Fellowship in Implantology, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , BDS
    A loss of tooth or teeth is one of the biggest dental problems that someone can face. The irony is that people consider loss of teeth to be very insignificant. But in reality loss of teeth can lead to not only cosmetic problems, but also functional problems and an unstable chewing mechanism.

    Loss of teeth can lead to many problems. Some of them are:
    1. Supra eruption of opposing teeth
    2. Compromised efficiency of chewing
    3. Adjacent teeth might drift into the space created by missing teeth
    4. Food tend to accumulate between teeth, which have moved
    5. Food accumulation also leads to periodontal disease and caries
    6. A lopsided chewing pattern as there is loss of equilibrium in the mechanism of chewing
    7. The extracted area might reveal a loss of bone height
    8. Problems of the temporomandibular joints, like closed bite and tmj osteoarthritis
    9. The existing functional teeth might lead to problems due to overload
    10. There are increased chances of cheek biting due to collapse of the cheek in the missing space, thus leading to functional and cosmetic problems
    11. The frequency of tongue biting and ulceration might increase in the area of missing teeth or tooth
    When missing teeth are replaced, one can easily restore the healthy look of the teeth and also prevent any other dental problems which are due to the missing teeth.

    While replacement of the missing teeth it is of utmost importance that the equilibrium is maintained with the distribution of the forces caused by chewing. Care is also taken that the cosmetic outlook is also maintained in the treatment.

    Ideally the teeth when extracted or lost should be immediately replaced. This is because the replacement prevents the bone resorption or bone loss in the area and also retains the good bone. But a drawback is that such an immediate replacement might lead to limitation. Immediate treatment is usually done with the help of implants which easily fit in the sockets created by extraction. But even for this an analysis of the bone and gum health is necessary, thus leading to only a few instances for such replacements. Other alternative is that immediate removable dentures can be prepared and these can be replaced once the gums of the area have healed. The time period for this is usually 3 months. If these need to be fixed permanently then a waiting period of 3 months is mandatory for the settling and healing of the gums and bone of the area.

    The 3 basic ways of fixing missing teeth are through implants, fixed bridgework (bridges and crowns) and dentures, which can be removed.
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  • Fellowship in Implantology, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , BDS
    If you are tired of wearing loose fitting dentures there is new hope with dental implants

    No get fixed teeth in just 3 days with immediate loading awizz implants.
  • Fellowship in Implantology, Masters in Immediate Loading Implants, Digital Smile Degin , BDS
    All of us suffer from dental pain some or the other time in life.

    Removal of the teeth definitely gives you instant relieve from pain but its just the beginning of the other problem which one missing teeth can cause.

    Always try to save the teeth with procedures like root canal crowns.

    Under worst condition if your dentist suggest to remove the teeth then only get it extracted.

    Immediately plan for replacing the missing teeth and discuss options available to replace the teeth which is being extracted.

    One missing tèeth can cause harm to adjacent teeth in long run its always better to get it replaced.

    Generally bridges and dental implants are two options you will find to get fixed teeth.

    Implants though expensive but can be economical as they save lots of problem which could occur with missing teeth.

    Eat healthy stay healthy
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