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Chavan Dental Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Veena Chavan, a well-reputed Dentist , practices in Jalgaon. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 67 patients.

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C/o Dr T.D.Chavan Hospital,Dhule Road,Amalner
Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425401
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    Gums in normal state are pink in colour are firm. The first stage of gum infection is usally indicated by gum bleeding in later stage one may notice reddness in colour swollen gums some may also notice bad odour and bitter taste. The priniple cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. Presence of tarter calculus or plaque which usually occurs due to improper brushing. Gum diseases are usaually painless in initail stagegs so people tend to overlook problems like bleeding gums and swollen gums. The frist line of treatment is scaling and polishing. Thats is cleaning of teeth and removal of plaque tarter. Some medication topical ointments and use of mouthwash may also be required.
    As we say precaution is better than cure so for healthy gums
    -practise good oral hygiene
    -brush twice daily
    -use warm water for gargles
    -use a good quality soft toothbrush
    -change your brush every 3-4 months
    -garlge with warm water after every meal
    -avoid junk and sticky food
    -visit your dentist every six months.
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    Many women can notice swollen gums during first trimester of pregnancy. This is common and is related to hormonal changes that occurs during first three months. Many women may even notice nodule like growth in gum. This is called as pregnancy tumour. Please dont go on name it donot mean any cancerous lesion. You need not to worry. The reason is poor oral hygiene. One need to undergo a routine scaling that is cleaning of teeth. And yes maintain good oral hygiene thereafter. So brush twice daily. Gargle with warm water after every meal. And take a healthy nutritional diet. Do visit your dentist every six months. Wish you a happy motherhood.
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    When women plan for pregnancy they tend to overlook the importance of oral health and generally avoid to visit dentist. But good oral hygiene is eqaully vital too. When you plan for pregnancy a visit to dentist is must. This will help you to rule out any cavities gum problems and get it treated in time. During first and third trimester of pregnancy majority of dental treatments are contraindicated. Such as extraction use of local anesthesia long sitting dental procedure and xrays. Scaling should be done as prophylactic treatment this can help you avoid gum swelling during pregnancy. Which usually occurs during first trimester due to hormonal changes. Many of expecting mothers can notice black spots on teeth during pregnancy these are common and are due to iron tablets. These can be removed by scaling after delivery.
    So visit your dentist before you plan for pregnancy
    Practise good oral hygeine during pregnancy
    Do not take any medicine without consulting your doctor
    Take a balance and nutritional diet
    And visit dentist every six months
    Wisih you a happy motherhood.
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    Now a days childers are getting used to fast food that affects overall growth and equally affects oral tissues and teeth. Junk food are sticky that gets embeded on tooth surface donot get cleaned easily. These food gets fermented by bacteria present in saliva and produce high amount of lactic acid that dissovles enamel and dentine and causes cavity in tooth. Food with high level of complex carbohydrate and sugars are responsible for cavitation. Balance and high nutritional diet is a very important part of childern life as it directly affects overall growth and health of kids. Restrict intake of junk food to once or twice a week. Soft drinks and airated drinks should be avoided too. Twice daily brushing in parents supervision. After intake of any sticky food gargle with warm water or brushing should be done. Regular visit to dentist can also help reduce dental problems in childern.
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    Give importance to a balance nutritional diet. Include good amount of green vegetables fresh seasonal fruits. Aviod junk food sticky food and airated soft drinks.
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    Twice a day brushing is important part of oral hygeine. You can even use mouthwash to add in the benifit. Use soft tooth brush. Use gentle round motion to clean teeth. Take 10 minutes in morning and night to clean your teeth. Also give equal importance to clean tongue daily. Do gargles after each meal. This will help to loosen the food particles and prevent bad breath n cavity formation. And very important part is visit your dentist every six months.
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    Oral health is as important as your overall general health.Do visit ur dentist twice a year and do not ignore dental problems.
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