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Dr. Moondra's Clinic is known for housing experienced s. Dt. G L Moondra, a well-reputed Naturopathic Physician, Dietitian/ Nutritionist , practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 74 patients.

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    Take a plain water enema. Method is attached herewith:
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    Fasting not only aids religious beliefs, but also has many spiritual benefits. It is considered the best way to re-energize one's mind, body and soul. It is one of the best ways to detoxify one's digestive system and immune system. One's stomach and pancreas are always in a state of action and hence a few days' rest can actually retune both the systems. Fasting also provides one with the opportunity to reconnect with one's spiritual body. It is a journey of self-discovery. Activities like praying and meditating helps people to connect more with their spiritual self.

    How can you detox your body?
    Although fasting is one of the best ways to detox one's body, not everyone has the physical strength to perform it. Detoxing can also be performed by having detoxifying foods.

    Fruits help in washing out toxins from the body. Green foods like barley, wheatgrass, spinach, alfalfa helps to give a chlorophyll boost to the digestive system. Broccoli sprouts are very high in antioxidants and its ability to stimulate detoxifying enzymes in the digestive system is unparalleled. They are more effective than any fully grown vegetable.
    Green tea is full of antioxidants and washes away impurities and toxic substances. It also contains catechins, which increase the function of liver. Vegetables like onions, cabbage, carrots, cauliflowers, turmeric and garlic are best eaten juiced or raw which will help in purging away toxins from the liver thus aiding the cleansing process.
    Omega-3 oils like hemp, olive oil, avocado oil help in detoxing. They lubricate the intestinal walls and thus allow the toxins to be absorbed by the oil and wash them away.
    Fasting is often aided by meditation, which helps to establish a deeper connection with oneself through faith. While meditating, make sure that you are neat and clean. Clean the environment in which you are fasting. Try to spend a minimum to 10-15 minutes remembering the name of the Supreme and chant his name or mantra. Light a candle to burn your ego and feed animals, birds around you. One should speak in limited amounts during meditation. After you break your fast, you will experience a sense of gratitude towards the food you eat.
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    It has become fashionable these days to pick up any one item and find all the remedial properties for all diseases in it. People pick any herbs like tulsi, ajwain, alovera, honey, methi or any vegetables like lauki, onion, garlic, ginger or a fruit like mango, orange, guava, apple or honey (the miracle material?) and attribute them with remedial properties to cure any disease from common cold to asthma. It is all the more appealing to see that many-a-times they pick up the matter from sites like ba-ba mail or something similar and produce it advalorum. I am actually surprised to see such articles. If every one of such items could cure all diseases why should people fall sick so often? I think we in medical fraternity should do a bit of soul searching and refrain from misleading people at large. Dr. G l moondra
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    The best way to protect your teeth so that they last you for a lifetime is in these three steps:

    1) Floss your teeth at least twice week.

    2) Eat at least 200 gms salad after every principal meal and do not keep on eating now then in between principal meals.

    3) Go to the dentist at least once a year for check up.

    If you teeth are not crooked and are all in neat rows they should last you your lifetime if you follow these few simple steps. Eating salad, as suggested, will bring you many extra benefits in bonus.
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    Acne or Pimples

    For acne do the following:

    Wash your face 5-6 times daily.

    Take one cup of spinach juice every day.

    If you can, eat only fruits and fruit juices for three days.

    Apply steam on your face.

    Do some exercise for 20 mins to 30 mins, which will cause heavy sweating on the entire body.

    These will remove pimples from his face in less than two months.

    Also, remember no lotion, cream or medicine can actually remove them permanently.

    Only the above treatment can do so.
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    If food is right why Medicines?

    If food is not right why Medicines?

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    In this fast-moving world, there is no room for self. Growth of IT firms and other long-hour demanding work has led to compromises in your lifestyle - long hours in front of computer, sleeplessness, late-night sleeping, quick bites, leaving us with emotions of anger, anxiety, stress and so on. This is a major reason why people today are hypertensive.

    Diseases due to Hypertension

    Tension and stress are the building blocks of numerous serious ailments like cardiovascular diseases, asthma, spondylitis (back pain) and grey hair. You may also suffer from gastritis leading to ulcer.
    Natural ways to treat Hypertension

    Ideally, tension and stress are not diseases. If you can control these, you can control the conditions that take root because of them. Naturopathic (or alternative medicine) treatments for tension and stress are most ideal. Here are some natural ways to treat hypertension.

    Sleep well: An adult should sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours daily. Your body cells rejuvenate while you are in a relaxed state. Many jobs demand late-night work or night shift work. However, your body is meant to sleep early at night. Instead of working late night, you can start your work early.

    Eat right: Stress leads to elevated levels of sugar in your body. Try to avoid sugary content food. Your body needs balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, less of fats, and more of vitamins and minerals. For proteins, eat fish, eggs or white meat. For vegetarians, you can have soy, cereals and protein drinks. Diet must include milk products like yoghurt, milk, vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins and roughage (salads).

    Destressing exercises: Nowadays, most of the jobs demand sitting for long hours. Physical activity is one of the ways to de-stress your body. A 45-minute walk would also help. Alternatively, yoga or tai-chi type marital art helps to de-stress. Breathing techniques involved in meditation also play a vital role.

    Anger management: Develop patience. That would automatically lead to anger management at your workplace as well as at home. Be a good listener. Laughter therapy also helps as it releases many happy hormones in the body.

    Supplement for stress: This has to be the last tip when you do not perform the first four. Multivitamins containing vitamin B and minerals such as magnesium are recommended. You can count on certain herbs such as Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Rhodiola and St. John's Wort.

    Despite following these tips, you may still face problems because every human is different and reaction to every remedy could be different. In such cases, approach for expert advice.
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