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Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
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  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
    Every married couple undergoes relationship troubles, but these troubles should not linger for a long time otherwise you might end up facing dreadful consequences. If you want to save your married life by maintaining a smooth relation with your partner, then you have to look for the best solutions that can resolve marital issues.

    How to manage marital relationships?

    Maintaining Trust: Since trust is the base of every relationship, therefore you should make special effort in maintaining the same. Unresolved issues should be resolved quickly and there should be transparent communication between the married couples. Some of the special qualities that should be maintained in order to maintain trust within a marital relationship in long run are being on time, consistency, being sensitive towards feelings, avoiding lies, sharing feelings, respecting partner's feelings, avoiding jealousy and others.
    Healthy Communication: If the problems remain unresolved, then more and more conflicts will be invited. Have open discussions and clear up your points so that confusions can be eliminated. If you make efforts in understanding the real causes, then only the problems can be resolved. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the partner and understand where the person is coming from. Most conflicts occur because we only see our view points and not that of others.
    Giving time to the relationship: You can maintain your marital relationship in a healthy state only by considering the married life as the prior issue. Keep your marriage above every other social thing and then only relationship can be made secured. Give time for repairing all dubs and defects of your relationship. In this case, you can also take the help of any expert counsellor. Spend some quality time with each other so that the warmth of your relationship can be maintained.
    Tackling monetary problems: Do not allow any conflict to come into your relationship just because of a pathetic financial condition. It is important for both the partners to put-in efforts in saving money so that monthly expenses can be kept under strict control. A perfect budget needs to be scheduled so that financial strength can be restored. If you are incapable of catering financial support, support your partner at least mentally so that he can come out of the financial trouble as soon as possible.
    Maintain a Happy Sexual Life: Create a proper schedule for lovemaking in order to maintain a healthy sex life. You should try to know the sexual needs of your partner so that you can fulfil the expectations.
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  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
    The institution of marriage is a herculean task; little does it rest on the sanctified rituals and other vows of commitment. Tying of the knot is perhaps symbolic of the several ups and downs a couple faces together. Marriage is challenging precisely because of the myriad problems it entails. What makes a marriage successful is how two loving individuals face and combat each of these issues.

    Let us take a look at the common marital issues:-

    Money could grab a place between partners- Monetary problems can come in the way of happy living. Monetary constraints can make partners bicker as they lead to severe tension. If making both ends meet is a constant worry or if one individual earns way less than the other, friction in the marriage is but expected.

    Relatives and in- laws could irk your bond- Officious relatives, in- laws and other apparent well- wishers can do loads to spoil your marriage. They tend to create differences between husband and wife. There are times when they convey lies between the couple. Their unnecessary curiosity can also dampen your bond.

    Domestic responsibilities could also be the issue- Husbands and wives may have arguments and serious fights over issues related to the household; cleaning, washing, buying grocery can trigger disputes within the family. Housework should, therefore, be shared and done by both the partners.

    Decisions with regard to rear up children are often problematic- Married couples can behave in bizarre ways when it comes to taking decisions on behalf of their children. A difference in opinion in decision- making can make partners review their choice of one another. They may even doubt their child's secure future in the hands of their partner.

    Irregular sex can be a threat to emotional intimacy- Marriage endows a couple with so many duties that they may fail to make love that frequently. Lack of sexual intercourse can create marital problems.
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