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  • Ph. D - Alternative Medicine, PG Diploma in Psycological Counseling
    Anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders plaguing a large section of today's youth. Anorexia is one such condition which arises as a psychological ailment and then culminates as serious physical manifestations. One of the most prominent preconditions of anorexia is the severe dissatisfaction with your body. The desire to lose weight constantly reigns supreme in your mind. So much so, that all that you can permit yourself to eat and all that you can't pre-occupies your mind entirely. This extensively impairs your social life and threatens your potential in all other aspects of life. This undermines your health and self-confidence tremendously and inflicts a distorted body image complex upon your psyche.

    Under the spell of anorexia, you tend to dread even the slightest weight gain and consequently, it builds a sense of self-disgust in you. It can be an extremely stressful and harmful physical condition, gravely affecting your moments of joy and happiness. Drastic diets, excruciating exercising or using laxatives and diuretics could be some of the most common leeways into anorexia. The terror which looms around your weight gain will disable you from acknowledging how thin you are or for that matter, appreciating the body that you have. This may not only jeopardize your normal body functioning but also subjugate you to acute emotional distress and depression. What is worse is that anorexia works in such insidious ways that in most cases, one doesn't even realize the existence of the problem. The first and foremost step to recovery is to avoid anything and everything that may trigger the condition. Other recourses that one may take have been enlisted below.

    Realizing the difference between dieting and anorexia-
    Anorexia often indicates deeper problems like depression and insecurities and the eating disorder simply emerges as a consequence of the same. Dieting does not entail an austere denial of food to self or completely throttling all of one's hunger pangs. Fulfilling the basic nutritional needs of your body as against starvation is the first step to recovery.

    Seeking advice from well-wishers-
    If your loved ones seem perplexed about your health conditions, know all of it is well founded. Learn to acknowledge the furzy body images that afflicts you and take proactive steps towards combating them. Share your problems with your trusted ones and learn to adopt a healthier way of living. Join some productive engagement that will keep your mind off such baseless weight obsession.
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  • Ph. D - Alternative Medicine, PG Diploma in Psycological Counseling
    Loving relationships are known to improve more than just your mood, it improve your looks and your health. Researchers believe that it might just be the best medicine for most people, as it helps keep your heart healthy, beat cancer and recover faster, boosts athletic performance and leads to spiritual and emotional growth. Mentioned below are a few of the ways, in which love may lead to a healthy heart and life.

    1. Better heart health: research has shown that women in healthy and loving marriages are less prone to contracting cardiovascular diseases, in contrary to those in stressful marriages. It has also been discovered that love reduces the likelihood of chest pains and suffering from angina despite having high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in men.

    2. Lengthens your life: the national longitudinal mortality study studied a million subjects and concluded that couples in a loving marriage tend to live longer and have lowered risk of getting heart attacks, pneumonia, cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. Their chances of committing suicide are also reduced by almost half.

    3. Faster cancer recovery: after extensive research, university of iowa proved that patients of ovarian cancer, who were in loving relationships, had stronger wbcs i. E. White blood cells that kill cancerous cells, as compared to those in unhealthy relationships. They also concluded that patients in love recover quickly or completely eliminate cancer.

    4. Lowers blood pressure: studies show that when couples are together, their blood pressure is significantly lowered. This research even proved that spending time with loving and supportive friends results in lower systolic numbers.

    5. Keeps you slim: being in love is a much healthier and better option than juice cleanse, when it comes to losing that extra weight. People in loving relationships produce more adrenaline i. E. An appetite suppressant and are more likely to hit the gym and make healthier lifestyle choices to look their best. Apart from that, sex is one of the best ways to lose calories and reduce your weight.
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  • Ph. D - Alternative Medicine, PG Diploma in Psycological Counseling
    Causes and symptoms of anorexia

    Anorexia is a common eating disorder which is identified by abnormally low body weight, intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of body weight. The problem is not only related to your dietary patterns but it also related to your mental state. People with this disorder are generally self-conscious, have a low self-esteem and are overly concerned about their external appearance.

    Causes of anorexia

    Biological factors - These factors represent that anorexia can be congenital or it may have developed over time. Congenital means that disorder is hereditary in nature and is passed on from the parents to the offspring. On the other hand, it may develop in people who are more sensitive and have an inclination towards perfection.
    Psychological factors - Anorexia can also be caused due to certain specific personality traits and emotions that might be possessed by you. For instance, anorexia is more likely to happen to young women who are really worried and conscious out the way they look externally. Additionally, people who are either emotionally not too strong or suffer from anxiety issues can develop this disorder easily.
    Environmental factors - The type of a cultural set up you are living in also plays an important role in developing this disorder. For instance, the western culture is all about slim and fit people, whereas the oriental countries are not so bothered about the same.

    Symptoms of Anorexia

    Emotional symptoms - This category of symptoms includes behaviors and a thought process aimed towards losing weight and minimizing your food intake. Some of the symptoms belonging to this type include:

    Forceful vomiting to lose calories
    Staying hungry
    Excessive physical activity or exercise
    Denial of hunger
    Social withdrawal
    Depressed moods

    Physical symptoms - These symptoms are self-explanatory and are clearly visible on the human body. These include:

    Extreme weight loss
    Thin appearance
    Abnormal blood count
    Dizziness or fainting
    Discoloration of the fingers
    Hair that thins, breaks or falls out
    Soft, downy hair covering the body
    Low blood pressure

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  • Ph. D - Alternative Medicine, PG Diploma in Psycological Counseling
    6 Ways to Stop Yourself from Procrastinating

    Procrastination is a phenomenon that all people are familiar with. It is the squandering away of time in the pursuit of meaningless fulfillments at the cost of important targets and responsibilities. The more urgent tasks are constantly being put off for a later time.

    In some cases, it becomes a chronic problem that can lead to severe difficulties in life. When one keeps delaying the confrontation of essential commitments, it can have a tremendous negative impact on life in the form of failure, stress, and embarrassment.

    Whether you are a chronic procrastinator or an occasional one, there is always room for improvement. Following are a few examples of ways in which you can keep procrastination at bay:

    1. Make a list

    This is the simplest and most effective way to avoid procrastinating. It is helpful if one lists down all the necessary things that need to be done. Having a visual reminder of tasks and goals can increase motivation to accomplish them at the earliest.

    2. Set a deadline

    Time management is the most important aspect of avoiding procrastination. For every task that you set yourself, chalk out a time frame within which it must be completed so that no time is wasted.

    3. Fragment your goals

    Consider breaking your tasks into a set of mini-tasks and tackling each of those at a time instead of trying to accomplish the entire thing at one go. The larger the task, the more overwhelming it appears. Mini-tasks are easier to complete and hence this method can help in the prevention of procrastination.

    4. Reward yourself

    Devising a reward system that lets you celebrate accomplishments can act as a boost to morale and provide motivation for working consistently. Treat yourself after every achievement as a prize for all your efforts.

    5. Eliminate all distractions

    There will always be distractions all around that keep you from focusing on your goals. These add to the tendency to procrastinate and must be identified, and removed from the environment in which you are required to work.

    6. Start right away

    As the saying goes, there's no time like the present. Taking immediate action is the only real way to avoid procrastination. Identify your goals and get started on them at the earliest in order to achieve the fruits of your labor.

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