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Dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Sexologist
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.

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Asha Skin Clinic & Cosmetic Laser Center - Rewari is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Deepak Sharma, a well-reputed Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, Sexologist , practices in Rewari. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 64 patients.

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Old Court Road ,Model Town ,Rewari (Haryana)
Rewari, Haryana - 123401
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Pt.B.D Sharma -PGIMS -Rohtak
Pt.B.D Sharma -PGIMS -Rohtak
Diploma in Dermatologist, Venereologist and Laparoscopy
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Indian Association of Dermatologists Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL)
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HOD - Dermatology at Fortis Escort Hospital
. at Apollo Hospital
. at Aaskin C- Mumbai
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. at PGIMS-Rohtak
. at Kailash Hospital
. at kaya Skin Clinic
  • MBBS, Diploma in Dermatologist, Venereologist and Laparoscopy
    Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dermatologist/ Cosmetologist, Sexologist
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  • Diploma in Dermatologist, Venereologist and Laparoscopy , MBBS
    Exposing your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can have devastating effects on your skin, including wrinkles, sunburn and even skin cancer. So, using a sunscreen every time you step outdoors and using it correctly is of vital importance to have healthy skin.

    Studies in the US have shown that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and sun exposure is the leading cause of this. It is the regular exposure on a daily basis that cumulatively leads to this, rather than a one day exposure minus the sunscreen.

    Using sunscreen on a daily basis provides a good shield against sun rays. Dry skin, wrinkles, sunspots, and dark circles on the skin are more related to unprotected exposure to the sun rather than just aging. The sun is the most powerful agent that can lead to these effects and it is very essential to guard yourself against it. Using a sunscreen provides a shield against harmful ultraviolet rays. Research has shown a 73% reduction in the invasive forms of skin cancer by using sunscreen on a regular basis. It is a popular belief that fair complexion is more affected by exposure to the sun. It is true that darker complexion has more melanocytes that increase the natural protection, but this does not ensure complete protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays. After reading this, a sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more should surely find its way into your grooming kit.

    While a general belief is that the sun is less harmful during cloudy days, it is not so the case. The ultraviolet rays of the sun filter through clouds and can cause equal damage as they would during sunny summer days. Studies have shown that the rays, which filter through the clouds are capable of accelerated aging effects and continue to do so, even after you have reached home.It is not just the amount of time, you are actually out in the sun that counts. The collagen in the skin that gives it the firmness, if is damaged, leads to sagging and bagging of skin.
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  • Diploma in Dermatologist, Venereologist and Laparoscopy , MBBS
    Tanning of the skin, though desired by some, completely mars the complexion of few. In a tropical country like India, sun tanning is a serious problem, one that often times calls for medical intervention. In fact a host of homemade remedies have also emerged to combat with this problem. Some of the remedies for sun tanning are:

    1. Cucumber juice
    The advantages of cucumbers do not end with its nutritional values. In fact most of its well acknowledged benefits pertain to beauty more than health care. In instances of tanning, try applying cucumber juice. This will not only help in lessening the effects of the tan but will also give a fresh glow to the face.
    2. Potato
    It is unanimously agreed upon that potato is the most versatile vegetable. Irrespective of the dish, this vegetable almost always finds its way in it. It is only good news, therefore that it benefits the skin as well. In order to remove the tan, you must peel the potato and rub the skin on the face. An alternative way of maximizing the utility of the vegetable is by applying the juice of potato on the areas which are affected.
    3. Sandalwood powder
    The goodness of sandalwood requires no introduction. It takes good care not only of the health, but also of the skin. Even in the case of tanning, grind the sandalwood and mix it with almond oil and cucumber and apply the mixture.
    4. Aloe vera gel
    This is one of the most trusted remedies of sun tanning. The aloe vera gel must be applied on the skin on a daily basis to retain the moisture in the skin and also to soothe it. For best results, mix some lemon juice in the aloe vera gel.
    5. Yoghurt and lemon
    The advantages of yoghurt are aplenty, benefitting especially the skin. If mixed with lemon, the consequent paste bleaches the skin and significantly diminishes all the effects of tanning.
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  • Diploma in Dermatologist, Venereologist and Laparoscopy , MBBS
    Ingrown hair refers to a situation in which a part of the body hair which has been trimmed, shaved or tweezed grows back into the skin in a curled form. This sometimes causes painful and discomforting skin conditions such as swelling, bump formation and chronic pain in the area from where the hair was removed.

    This condition is mostly common among people who have very tightly curled hair on their entire bodies. Among men the most affected areas are cheeks, chin and neck. Additionally, they can also appear in cases of men who regularly shave their head. In case of women, ingrown hair is common in areas like armpits, pubic region and legs.

    The most common signs of this condition are:

    1. Small skin bumps (papules)
    2. Small, pus-filled, blister-like lesions (pustules)
    3. Hyperpigmentation (skin darkening)
    4. Long lasting and chronic pain
    5. Itching

    Ingrown hair might also occur if you do the following activities:

    1. Pulling your skin while shaving your body hair can give rise to ingrown hair. This in turn allows the shaved hair particles to penetrate back into the skin without growing outwards.
    2. Tweezing of hair can also lead to the hair particles to grow inwards instead of growing outwards.

    Some common complications associated with this condition are:

    1. Bacterial and fungal infections that usually happen from scratching of the affected area.
    2. Hyperpigmentation of the skin which involves an abrupt darkening of the skin areas.
    3. Permanent scarring of the tissue of the affecting skin.
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