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Orchid Multi Speciality Hospital is known for housing experienced s. Ms. Mansi Sattikar, a well-reputed Counselling Psychologist , practices in Pune. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 99 patients.

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Park Springs Lily 303 porwal road lohegaon
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Campus College, Nagpur
MA In Clinical Psychology
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Marriage Counselling at Swadhar
Deaddiction counselor at Muktangan Deaddiction Centre
  • MA In Clinical Psychology
    Counselling Psychologist
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  • MA In Clinical Psychology
    Depression takes the joy out of all your activities, and can make merely getting through a day feel overwhelming. It is very common to be upset for some time and most people recover from this feeling and start smiling again in a short span of time. But, if you or any of your loved ones are almost always very sad and this spirit is affecting your daily life considerably, then chances are you might be undergoing a phase of depression.

    To tackle it, it is important to understand and know you are depressed. Awareness is crucial to deal with the condition.

    1. Sudden variation in weight or appetite: If you suddenly find that you've lost or gained a significant amount of weight without any substantial reason, then chances are high that it is happening because of your depression.

    2. Anger or irritated mood: Having a low level of tolerance, getting angry quickly or always being in an irritated mood can be a prominent sign of depression.

    3. Feel tired: When the body does not get adequate sleep, you begin the day feeling tired. Thus, depressed people often feel fatigued and complain of a number of muscle and joint pains. This is because the body has not had enough time to regenerate cells during the night. This is usually complemented by complains of persistent headache and stomach aches, both of which are emotionally connected to the way you feel.

    4. Cultivation of a pessimistic approach about everything in life: You feel a sense of hopelessness and that your situation in life will always be the same without any improvement is a sure shot sign that you are suffering from depression.

    5. Irregular sleep pattern: Your sleep quality is very closely related to the way you feel. Depressed people often suffer either from insomnia or oversleeping. Depressed people can have trouble going to sleep as well as staying asleep. This can cause drowsiness and lethargy during the day. Sleep apnea is also linked with depression.
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  • MA In Clinical Psychology
    Somatic symptom disorder is when you put so much focus on symptoms such as pain or fatigue that you have trouble functioning or experience severe emotional distress. You will be visiting the doctor a lot, completely unnecessarily and will waste a lot of money when you have no major health concerns. However, there are treatments, which can help you cope with this problem. Read further to find out what they are:

    1. Worrying excessively about an illness, which has not yet occurred
    2. Frequent health care visits
    3. Fear of physical activity damaging your body
    4. Fearing that the evaluation of doctors is not adequate

    There are many more symptoms, which may indicate that you are suffering from somatic symptom disorder. However, the most important way of telling whether someone is suffering from somatic symptom disorder or not is to see whether the patient is overly worried about a physical problem, which has not yet occurred. One of the first steps in making sure that this does not happen is finding out what causes the problem and preventing it. Here are the causes of somatic symptom disorder.

    As with other psychological disorders, the exact cause of somatic symptom disorder is not yet known. However, there are a number of factors which may increase the risk of it, such as:
    1. Genetic and biological factors
    These as well as an increased sensitivity to pain are some of the factors, which you have no control over.
    2. Environment you grew up in
    Just like the genes you have, the environment you grew up in and your family influence will have a major impact on whether you develop the condition as well.
    3. Problems processing emotions
    When people have problems processing emotions, their physical symptoms seem like a bigger problem than they actually are.

    Luckily, there are treatments for this disorder as well, which include.
    1. Psychotherapy
    Psychotherapy is the most common treatment used to help people with somatic symptom disorder.
    2. Medications
    Since depression and pain often occur when a person is suffering from somatic symptom disorder, antidepressants can be given as well.
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