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Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.

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Aadita Multidisciplinary Center is known for housing experienced s. Ms. Sushma Panyam, a well-reputed Clinical Psychologist , practices in Hyderabad. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 44 patients.

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M. Phil Clinical Psychology
  • M. Phil Clinical Psychology
    Clinical Psychologist
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  • M. Phil Clinical Psychology
    Top tips to help you fight anxiety

    Anxiety is the latest problem affecting a majority of the population, owing to our hectic and fast-paced lifestyles. All of us are so busy in our lives that we forget to provide our mind and body with the basic care that they need in order to function effectively. Here are five useful tips to help you overcome anxiety, on a daily basis.

    1. Maintain the right diet
    Though it may sound like a cliche, maintaining a healthy diet on a regular basis is the key to beating anxiety. Try and consume food products rich in Vitamin b which is known to improve mental health; and Omega-3s which can effectively counter severe anxiety and depression.

    2. Get adequate sleep
    Not getting enough sleep not only affects your mind but has an adverse effect on your body as well. Even anxiety can result in irregular sleep patterns and thus ensure that in any situation, you manage to get six to seven hours of sleep on a daily basis.

    3. Engage with people
    Man is indeed a social animal. People make us happy. The hormone oxytocin significantly reduces anxiety levels and it is released during the process of socializing; thus it is essential to be in contact with your close group of people.

    4. Keep your immediate environment clean
    A cluttered home or workplace not only adds to physical clutter but contributes towards building up mental clutter as well. Spend a few minutes every day in keeping your immediate environment clean and organized. You are bound to feel calmer and more relaxed.

    5. Indulge in breathing exercises
    When your brain is tensed, your breathing pattern automatically becomes short and shallow. In order to send relaxing signals to your brain, try taking deep and long breaths and continue the process for a few minutes.

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  • M. Phil Clinical Psychology

    Fight for the relationship not against your partner
    Don't don't suppress feelings. Every marriage has its ups and downs. One must learn to accept that there will be times when ideas of partners collide to create negative emotions. You will need to be calm and express yourself. It is very important to express your emotions.
    Unspoken assumptions and hidden meanings lead to greater misunderstandings. Clear things within a reasonable time span. Do not wait for the new year to sort things out.
    Intimacy cannot be ascertained by frequency of sex. A gentle caress, holding of hands or a mere eye contact can be sensual too.
    Instead of spewing anger at your partner after a fight, sleep over it. You may want to express in a toned down manner the next day. How you say things can be more damaging than what you actually say.
    Actions speak louder than words at times. In case you cannot get yourself to say sorry to your spouse, you can say it by actions. Something as simple as putting on your spouse's favorite music or slipping in a piece of chocolate into his/her bag can send the right message.
    It's very essential to move on. Do not hang on to grudges or bring a controversial matter again after you've buried the hatchet.
    Please give your partner space. If your partner needs to be left alone for a while, you must respect that.
    Never speak ill about your partner's family. If your partner is frustrated with his/her parents, just lend a patient ear. Do not add comments that show his/her parents in bad light.
    Your partner can be a great companion. Empathy and communication are very essential for a happy marriage.
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  • M. Phil Clinical Psychology
    5 reasons exercise makes you more intelligent

    Studies show that regular exercise makes our grey skills more active. That means we have a sort of a win-win situation - while we get a fit body, we also get smarter! here is how exercise impacts your intelligence.

    1) exercise for greater endurance -all of us who run, cycle, swim or indulge in any similar activities face a challenge where we hit the wall. There comes a time when we feel we cannot go further and are ready to give up. Research has shown that regular exercise helps improve mental endurance and helps get rid of mental blocks.

    2) yoga for clarity - yoga requires a lot of focus and patience. There are poses which require great amounts of concentration. Regular practice of yoga brings about improved mental clarity.

    3) to stay focused - resistance training involves a lot of concentration and patience. Studies had shown that people who did regular workouts that involved strength training could stay focused better with almost no distractions even in their daily lives.

    4) better decision making: studies have shown that people who worked out have better decision making power compared to people who didn't as their body as well as brain muscles are more active.

    5) to increase productivity - on busy days, we decide to skip our workout because work needs more time. What we don't consider is that if we exercise, it will increase our productivity. This is solely because when our body exercises, more oxygen reaches our brain. This facilitates overall brain function.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on'consult.

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