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Dharmesh Lab

Kilpauk, Chennai

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Dharmesh Lab Kilpauk, Chennai
8 Tests
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Tests and Scans


Dharmesh Lab provides diagnostic test services at attractive rates, with a guarantee to deliver reports within 72 hrs based on the test conducted. You can book majority of known tests like CULTURE, SUGAR, ECG, MOTION and XRAY, URINE. It provides comprehensive range of lab tests covering more than 8 tests.

Dharmesh Lab is accredited by . Dharmesh Lab in Kilpauk, Chennai offers free home pickup of samples with cashless transaction facility.

So, no more sweating it out in the sun, get your lab test done at home and get reports online on


07:00 AM - 09:00 PM


#221, Secretariat Colony, A.K.Swamy Nagar, Landmark: Police Station
Kilpauk Chennai - 600010
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Tests and Scans


Also known as:  Culture and Sensitivity, Culture, Culture & Sensitivity


Also known as:  Glucose (Fasting), Fasting Sugar, Glucose (Fasting) (Plasma / Urine), Glucose Fasting


Also known as:  Computerised ECG, E.C.G., Electro Cardiogram (ECG), ECG - Electrocardiography, ECG - All Leads, ECG - All Possible Tests, Electro Cardiogram, Electrocardiography, ECG Adult


Also known as:  Stool Analysis, Stool Routine, Stool Complete Analysis, Stool Examination, R / M Stool, Motion Routine Analysis, Stool Routine / Microscopy, Stool Test, Stool Analysis - Complete


Also known as:  X-Ray, XRay, Digital X-Ray, X Ray, X Ray Digital, X-Ray All Possible Tests, X-Ray Examination, X-Ray Digital, X-Ray (AP / LAT / Mortise View)


Also known as:  Urine Analysis, Complete Urine Examination CUE, R / M Urine Test, 24 hrs Urine Analysis, Urine Analysis 24 Hours, Urine Routine / Micro, Urine Routine Examination, Urine Test, Urinogram, Urine Complete Analysis, Urine Routine Analysis, Complete Urine Examination CUE (Routine) (R/E), 24 hrs Urine Analysis (T- prot / crea / P.Ca / U Acid), Complete Urine Analysis, Complete Urine Examination, CUE, Element Analysis Profile (Urine), Urinalysis, Urine Exam - Complete, Urine Analysis with Microscopy, Urine Analysis - Routine (Physical / Sugar / Albumin / Micro)


Also known as:  Renal Function Profile, Kidney Function Tests (KFT), Kidney Function Profile, Kidney Panel / Kidney Function Tests (KFT), KFT, Kidney Function Test, Kidney Profile, Renal Function Test, Renal Function Test (RFT), Renal Profile, Renal Profile 1, Renal Profile 2, RFT


Also known as:  Others, Anal Fissure - Small, Appendix - Medium, BT (Bleeding Time) / PT / PTT, BT (Bleeding Time) / PTT, Brain Tumor, Circumcision Skin, Conventional Non-Gynaec, Disc Material, Eyeball, FDP, Fallopian Tubes (Ligation), Fibroids - Medium, Gall Bladder - Medium, Gynaecomastia, HS Trop I, Head of Femur, Hemorrhoids - Small, Hernia contents, IHC Marker - BCL 2, Lipoma - Small, Lumps / Cysts (Other than ovarian) less than 5 x 5 cm - Small, Lumps / Cysts - 5 x 5 cm to 10 x 10 cms-Large, Lung resection, Lymph Node, Lymph Node resection (any site), Lymph Node with IHC, Mole from any site, MorCellated Uterus with Cervix, Nasal Polyp, Non-Gynaec (Liquid Based Cytology), OT swabs, Omentum, PML / RARA (FISH), Placenta Tissue, Prepucial skin, Products of Conception of CVS- 1st trimester abortion, Products of Conception of Placenta- 2nd trimester abortion, Products of Conception- fetal heart or cord Blood / placenta - 3rd trimester abortion, Products of Conception / Ectopic Pregnancy - Medium, Propoxyphene / PPX (Qualitative), Rota Virus, Second Opinion - Blocks / Slides (More than 5 ), Second Opinion - Blocks / Slides (Upto 2), Second Opinion - Blocks / Slides (Upto 3 - 5), Semen Wash, Spleen, Stool for Opportunistic Pathogens, Tonsils - Small, UPT, Urine for Malignant Test (3 consecutive samples), Uterus Cervix with unilateral or bilateral adnexae - Large, Uterus with cervix without adnexae - Medium, Whipple's Operation, 2D Echo Colour Doppler, ACA IgG IgM, Alk, Allergy 80 (Screening Panel), Anti HCG, Anti TG, Artery Doppler Both, ATA, ATRX and DAXX Mutation Analysis, Abdomen, Allergy screening Phadiatop Adult For > 5 years, Allergy screening Phadiatop Infant For < 5 years, Androgen Receptor Gene Sequencing, Ankle, ApoE Mutation Analysis Test for Cholesterol Metabolism, ApoE and ApoB Mutation Analysis Test for familial hyperlipo-proteinemia and arteriosclerosis, Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) Genetic Testing, Arthritis Profile with Anti CCP, Atrioventricular Block Genetic Testing, Audiometry, BCR - ABL1 Sequencing, BCR-ABL (MBCR-ABL) QuAntitative Test for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Blood, Blood Test, BOTH A + V, BOTH A / V, BP, BPP / TVS, BRAF Mutation Analysis, BRAF V600 Mutation Detection Tissue, BRAF V600E Mutation Detection Hairy Cell leukaemia Blood, BRCA 1+2, Breast, Bronchial Fluid, BSandBP, BS / BP, BSBP, BT, BUL, Biochemistry, Blood HB TC and DC, Blood HB TCandDC, Blood Withal 80, Bloubin, CYP21A2 Deletion / Duplication Test for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), CYP21A2 Gene Test for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), Cardiac Amyloidsis Genetic Testing, Cardiac Arrhythmias Genetic Testing, Carotid, Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia Genetic Testing, Cell Free DNA Test for Solid Tumor, Chest, Chest PA, Chimerism Test, Circulating Tumor Cells Detection, Circulating Tumor Cells Detection (Follow Up), Complete Analysis, Comprehensive Genetic Screening for Neonates, Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Panel, Conjuctival Swab, Conjuectival Swab, Craaoslorol, DCT, Dengue Duo Rapid Screening Test, Digital Ceph, Digital Ceph Lateral, Digital Ceph Oblique, Digital Ceph Submento Vertex, Digital Chest X-Ray, Digital EEG, Digital Mammography, Digital OPG, Digital OPG Exact Measurement, Digital OPG Full Mouth, Digital OPG Incissors, Digital OPG Left Molars, Digital OPG Maxillary Sinus, Digital OPG Right Molars, Digital OPG Segment, Digital OPG TMJ2 Section, Digital OPG TMJ4 Section, DNA, DPYD Gene Mutation Detection, Dark Field Microscopy - Leptospira, Diabetic Genetic Risk Analysis (Type 1), Diabetic Genetic Risk Analysis (Type 2), Drug - Drug Interaction, Echo, Echo (Or) Tmt, ECHO EF VALUE, EEMG, Elements 22 (Toxic And Nutrients), Elisa, EML4-ALK Gene Analysis, Endoscopy, ENMG, Enterocheck (Thyphoid), Enterocheck (Typhoid), Everolimus, Eliza, Every additional sample for the same for patient (Donor / Recipient) High Resolution HLA Typing by Next Generation Sequencing (5 - 11 Loci ), FLT3 Mutation Analysis, Fluid With PAP'S Stain, Familial Disease Screening for Organ Donor, Familial Hypercholesterolemia Genetic Testing, Folic PSA3, Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Haemoglobin (Ho), Food Intolerence Test, Foot, Fusion Search Analysis for Leukemia and Lymphomas, GGPT, GHB, GPD, GRAM, GRBS, Galactosemia (GALT), Genetic Screening for Beta Thalassemia (Common Mutations), Genetic Screening for Couples, Genetic Screening for Couples - Single Person
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