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Dr. Shiva Shankari

Gynaecologist, Chennai

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Dr. Shiva Shankari Gynaecologist, Chennai
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Shiva Shankari is one of the best Gynaecologists in Mogappair, Chennai. You can consult Dr. Shiva Shankari at Anis Clinic in Mogappair, Chennai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Shiva Shankari on has an excellent community of Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 29 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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During menstrual period she has taken Ipill for avoiding pregnancy. After that bleeding stopped for 2 days and then started again. Today is 7th day but still bleeding. Will it stop on its own, or some medicine required. If medicine required pls suggest.

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), PGDHHM, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
During menstrual period she has taken Ipill for avoiding pregnancy. After that bleeding stopped for 2 days and then s...
It will stop its own and no need of ipill during menses as contraception because this is not require during menses.
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5 Ways to Prevent Recurrent Miscarriages

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Guwahati
5 Ways to Prevent Recurrent Miscarriages

Natural therapies are a great option to support your body and prepare it for pregnancy. As with any approach trying to decrease the chance of miscarriage, these steps will help to nourish and support the body, inviting a healthy pregnancy to occur.

Preparing ahead of time for your pregnancy is also important for decreasing the chance of a miscarriage, these steps must be practiced for at least 3 months before you become pregnant again. If you are currently experiencing a miscarriage contact your doctor or midwife right away.

Prepare for conception: The first step is to prepare your body with fertility cleansing. Fertility cleansing helps you to support the liver in cleansing the body of old toxins and excess hormones while encouraging the uterus to cleanse itself of ‘old’ contents, increasing uterine circulation and tone.

Eat a nutrient dense fertility diet: The next step is to nourish and build up your body to be a healthy, baby friendly body. This can be done through eating a well balanced and nutritious diet. What you eat has a strong impact on:

  1. The health of your eggs
  2. Your hormonal balance
  3. Creating a healthy placenta
  4. Decreases chance of a miscarriage
  5. Building nutrient storage for baby
  6. Creating a healthy reproductive system

Build a healthy foundation: One of the major foundational steps to increase your chance of having a healthy pregnancy is to take some basic vitamins, minerals, and EFA’s. There are specific vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy reproductive system, hormonal balance, and ovulation. Essential fatty acids are also extremely important for miscarriage prevention.

Apply fertility or abdominal massage: Another important element of promoting a healthy conception is to increase circulation to the uterus. Through applying a simple massage method called self fertility massage you are able to increase the circulation to the uterus, clear adhesions and congestion.

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PID - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

MBBS, MS -Gynaecologist
Gynaecologist, Varanasi
PID - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is a common infection in the female reproductive organs like the ovaries, the uterus and the fallopian tubes and also the inside of the pelvis. If left untreated for a long time, PID can lead to severe problems like pregnancy complications, infertility and cancer. 

  • CausesSTDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like chlamydia and gonorrhea produce vaginal bacteria which travel to the interior organs and cause PID. Having unprotected sexual contact with someone who has an STD is the most common cause of PID. Moreover, medical processes like abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, insertion of contraceptive devices can also lead to bacterial infection. Having sex with a number of people, or having sex before the age of 20, or having had an STD in the past, also increase the chances of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. 
  • Symptoms: The disease may show only minor symptoms or it may not show any symptom at all. When it does, the common symptoms are pelvic pain, discomfort while urinating or having intercourse, difficulties with menstruation and unusual fluid discharge from the vagina. 
  • Associated symptoms: High fever, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, exhaustion, shivering and fainting. 
  • Diagnosis: A pelvic examination is conducted to check for abnormal bleeding from the cervix (the opening of the uterus), fluid discharge or severe pain in the uterus, fallopian tubes or in the ovaries. Swabs taken from the cervix and the vagina are tested for STDs or other possible bacterial infections that may cause PID. An ultrasound or a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is conducted to make sure that the symptoms are not being caused by other disorders like appendicitis or other kinds of infection in the reproductive organs. A pregnancy test is also done to take the necessary precautions to protect the fetus from the adverse effects of the infection. 
  • Treatment: The treatment procedures of PID vary depending on the type of bacteria that caused the infection in the specific case. Antibiotic medication is used to treat the condition. In case of severe complications, the patient has to be hospitalized. Consult an Expert & get answers to your questions!
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I have infection on my genital organ. I have suffered for this please help me to solve this problem.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Repeated infection in the vagina can be related to diabetes Please ger fasting and postprandial blood suger tested
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Does drinking coffee daily is good for health and weight loss? What is the right time to drink it? And which coffee should I take black coffee or milk coffee?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Does drinking coffee daily is good for health and weight loss?
What is the right time to drink it?
And which coffee s...
Drinking plain water before tea / coffee helps less acid build build up in stomach. You must take 2-3 fibre biscuits or rusks with tea / coffee. Never take tea / coffee alone.
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Hi, i'm actually a 17 year old girl. Last month I was expecting I came to know about this around 2nd june. Friends suggested to eat lots and lots of papaya. I did so and within 2 days I felt strong cramps and bleeding started. My issue is the bleeding was not exactly blood much more like brown stains but a heavy flow of it. Now after 2 weeks i'm again experiencing vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination. So is there a chance I might still be pregnant?

BDS, Certification in hypnotherapy, Certification in N.L.P, Certification in Gene and behavior, Psychology at Work
Psychologist, Gurgaon
i'm actually a 17 year old girl. Last month I was expecting I came to know about this around 2nd june. Friends su...
Do not just rely on papaya the next time. Take a contraceptive pill or ask your partner to use condom. Does not look like you have conceived since you had bleeding. If, still in doubt, get a pregnancy detection kit from pharmacist, it is easily available, cheap and accurate.
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I am a 28 years old female and I had unprotected sex on my 6th day of periods. Now I am unable to guess if I can get pregnant or should I take any contraceptive pills? What should I do? Please help.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jodhpur
I am a 28 years old female and I had unprotected sex on my 6th day of periods. Now I am unable to guess if I can get ...
usually you did sex in safe zone however if your periods are not regular than it may not be safe time..
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13 Beneficial Home Remedies!

General Physician, Gorakhpur
13 Beneficial Home Remedies!

Some of the most effective home remedies for lymphoma include the use of iodine, green tea extract, artemisinin, parsley, licorice, milk thistle, reishi mushrooms, sunshine exposure, omega-3 fatty acids, olive leaf extract, probiotics, and a reduction in sugar intake, stress, alcohol, and nicotine.

What is lymphoma?

One of the most dreaded and deadly forms of cancer is lymphoma, which is essentially a group of blood cell tumors than stem from the lymphatic system. There are two main types: hodgkin’s lymphoma and&;non-hodgkin’s lymphoma (about 90% of all lymphomas), and both can be dangerous. Cancer in any form is dangerous, but lymphoma is prone to metastasizing, and the connectivity between the lymphatic system and the rest of the body makes the spread of cancer a major concern. Lymphomas are the seventh most common form of cancer, and kills over 300, 000 people per year. There are a number of different causes of lymphoma, including previous illnesses like epstein-barr virus, autoimmune diseases, poor diet, pesticides, and other behavioral/environmental factors.

As with all other types of cancer, there is no formal cure, but there are accepted treatment strategies that can send cancer into remission, and improve quality of life, which include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. However, there are some rather intense side effects to these prescribed treatments, so to lessen the side effects of these treatments, and to complement the powerful anti-cancer medications that are often prescribed, home remedies are often turned to. The symptoms of lymphoma include enlarged or hardened lymph nodes, night sweats, fever, weight loss, fatigue, itching, and respiratory distress. If you believe that you may be suffering from lymphoma, you should speak with an oncologist as soon as possible, but adding these natural remedies to your lifestyle is a great idea! now, let’s take a more in-depth look at the many home remedies for lymphoma.

Home remedies for lymphoma

Home remedies for lymphoma include:

1. Licorice

One of the main side effects of lymphoma is a notable loss of weight, and it can help to add some steroids to your diet in order to boost the body back to normal levels. Licorice contains various steroid-like compounds, in addition to active ingredients that directly impact the spread and severity of lymphomas in the body.

2. Reishi mushrooms

Tinctures made from reishi mushrooms have received some impressive attention as of late, given that these powerful fungi have shown anticancer and antiproliferative properties in the lab. While research is ongoing, it is believe that these mushrooms can effectively slow the spread of lymphoma.

3. Parlsey

Epithelial growth factors are a major cause of lymphoma and other types of cancer, but fortunately, parsley has been linked to inhibiting these growth factors, thereby protecting the body against lymphoma, or slowing down its spread while other treatments come in to safely eliminate the growth.

4. Quit smoking

Adding carcinogens to your body is always a bad idea, particularly if you are already suffering from a form of cancer. In terms of lymphoma, eliminating cigarettes will allow your body to focus on the cancerous growth, rather than splitting its attention. Smoking also weakens the immune system and increases the chances of chronic disease, so kick the habit today!

5. Omega-3 fatty acids

As always, “good” cholesterol makes an appearance on this home remedy list. The reduction in chronic disease that comes as a result of omega-3 fatty acids can help protectyou from many of the contributing conditions that can lead to lymphoma. Furthermore, the boosted immune system and antioxidant behavior of certain omega-3s will help keep you cancer-free.

6. Milk thistle

This popular herb is used for many different health conditions, primarily in terms of detoxifying the body and improving the functionality of the liver. By adding milk thistle to your daily health regimen, you greatly increase your glutathione content, an important component of protecting metabolic health.

7. Iodine

Iodine has been known to directly attackcancer cells, so taking iodine supplements is appropriate for all types of cancers. You can increase your iodine intake by adding iodine-rich foods like yogurt, beans, cheese, and potatoes.

8. Lower stress

Stress hormones can be helpful in certain settings, but also dangerous in others, particularly if they are constantly present in the body. This can exhaust the metabolism, lower energy levels, and have more serious impacts. If you can lower stress through meditation or yoga, eliminating excess cortisol in the body is always a good way to lower oxidative stress in the body.

9. Green tea extract

The catechins and epicatechins in green tea are natural anti-cancer and anti-tumor substances, so the concentrated effects of green tea in its extract is particularly effective at protecting you from a wide range of cancers, including lymphomas.

10. Alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol intake weakens the body, so while it may seem relaxing to blow off some steam with a night of imbibing, this can compromise your immune system and make you more susceptible to chronic disease and cancer like lymphoma.

11. Olive leaf extract

Lymphomas are essentially tumors, and one of the best herbal extracts to eliminate tumors is olive leaf extract. While not the most commonly found herbal supplement, olive leaf extract’s polyphenols and flavonoids are extremely important in your body’s cancer defense.

12. Sunshine

Vitamin d from the sunshine is arguably the easiest home remedy for lymphoma, as you need only step outside to soak up the benefits. Vitamin d actively eliminates many of the symptoms of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, so although it may not always be easy, getting a healthy dose of sunshine can keep cancer at bay.

13. Artemisinin

This ancient chinese herb is like a bloodhound for cancer cells and can effectively seek out and neutralize mutated cells, while leaving healthy cells intact. This may not be the easiest remedy to find, but it has proven its effectiveness for thousands of years.

A final word of warning: although these home remedies may be effective, this is still a highly invasive and dangerous form of cancer. You should always speak to a trained medical professional and an oncologist if you suspect a cancer diagnosis. These suggested remedies are alternative treatments and complementary approaches, and are not intended to replace more formal therapies.

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Hair Caring

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mohali
Hair Caring

4-5 hours prior to washing your hair, apply almond, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oil in a mixed proportion which will provide moisture to your hair.

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10 Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work and Family

BHMS, C.S.D.(Skin Diseases), M.D.(Medicine), M.Sc. In Counselling & Psychotherapy
Homeopath, Delhi
10 Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work and Family

Being a mom is a full-time job in itself and working mothers often feel stressful balancing the home and office. The key to balancing parenthood and professionalism lies in creating a plan, putting a support system in place and getting organized. Here are a few tips that could help you.

  1. Share the load: There’s only so much you can do yourself so get your partner to share duties and responsibilities with you. If you drop your kids to school, let him pick them up.
  2. Don’t carry work home and home to office: Avoid taking work calls and answering emails at home and when you’re in office, trust your caregiver to look after your child and don’t constantly call to check on them.
  3. Involve your children: Give your children duties of their own. This frees up your time and makes them feel independent. When cooking, give them small tasks like washing vegetables. This gives you quality time with your children.
  4. Schedule calls while traveling: Make the best use of time by prioritising and scheduling tasks. Phone calls and emails can easily be answered while commuting as long as you’re not driving. Sneak in errands on lunch breaks or when you drop or pick up your children.
  5. Outsource: Get someone else to do regular time taking tasks like deep cleaning your home, gardening or maintaining the pool. The key is to outsource tasks that do not require your attention and focus on those that do.
  6. Prep for the next day: Putting together your outfit at night for the next day can save you precious time in the morning especially when your little one is fussing about going to school. The weekend is a great time to put together the week's outfits for you and your children.
  7. Cook smart: Prepping is important in the kitchen as well. Freezer meals that can be cooked on the weekend are a great help to working mothers. Alternatively, cook meals that do not involve you standing in the kitchen for hours. Try out a few slow cooker meals or baked dishes during the week and save your specialities for the weekend and holidays.
  8. Schedule your vacation days strategically: Divide your vacation days by 12 so that you get a few extra days at home each month.
  9. Follow a consistent routine: Consistency is important for you and your child. This helps your child know what to expect and makes them less dependent on you.
  10. Turn off the TV: It is very tempting to make your child sit in front of the television while you go about getting other things done but this is not healthy and robs you of time to spend with them.
  11. Find Quality Daycare: Ask your network of friends and family for references to nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers. Create a list of criteria that are important and then schedule time to interview qualified childcare providers or to tour local daycares. Hiring nannies with a history of long-term commitments to families is always recommended. In case of nannies it is best to schedule play dates where you could easily evaluate how the nanny interacts in formal settings. If you choose a daycare facility, choose one that has employees with a good background, flexible hours, a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor space and up-to-date licenses.

Stop feeling guilty! that’s the rough take-home message – or perhaps more precisely, the message many working mothers will choose to take home. Well, rather than dwell on how you're not with your child, think about how your role in the company is benefitting the family. Perhaps you can afford certain classes or educational opportunities for your children or you're able to put away savings for college. 

The solution: Your kids will turn out just fine. No matter how much you angst about missing baseball games, school plays and trips to the pumpkin patch, your children still love you more than you know. Working-moms guilt is inevitable at some time or other, but how you manage the guilt will determine if it smothers you or not.

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