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It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring people who will answer your questions and help you ......more
It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring people who will answer your questions and help you understand your treatments.
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Trisha Hospital is known for housing experienced Doctors. Dr. Khushboo Kumari, a well-reputed Doctor, practices in Begusarai. Visit this medical health centre for Doctors recommended by 63 patients.


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How to Reduce Melanin in Skin

Doctor, Begusarai
How to Reduce Melanin in Skin
He fastest way to permanently reduce melanin in skin is by undergoing a laser treatment, but this option is very costly. As an alternative you can either buy skin lightening creams from a store or visit a dermatologist to get some prescribed products. Natural home remedies like turmeric, aloe vera, tomato, cucumber, turmeric, lemon and potato can also be used to get rid of excess melanin.

Melanin plays a very important role in protecting the skin from the hazardous u. V rays and at the same time it is responsible for either fair or dark skin tone. Decreasing the level of melanin in skin will help you to reduce skin pigmentation and give you lighten and fair skin tone. To reduce melanin in skin you will have to wait for months and hence if you have patience then only you will be able to make skin look fair.

What increases the melanin levels?
These are some of the common causes that increases the melanin production in the body.
A. Changes in the hormonal levels.
B. Excess contact of skin with sun rays.
C. Some kinds of skin disorders also lead to high melanin in skin.
D. Adrenal disorder can also be the cause.
E. Lack of adequate vitamins and malnutrition are also some other causes.
Despite the fact that an adequate quantity of the melanin pigment is required to protect skin from the damaging sun rays, but large quantity of this pigment makes skin dark. Maybe you have heard that exposing skin under sun makes it dark, this is because melanin is produced in to protect it. Over exposure to the ultra violet rays stimulates the development of this pigment. To reduce melanin in we have mentioned a lot of tips which covers commercial products to home remedies.

Ask a dermatologist for fair skin
Whether your skin is naturally dark or due to some other reasons, a dermatologist can give you the best cure to reduce the melanin levels in skin. After checking up your skin condition these experts recommend some of the creams and oral supplements that can help you obtain fair skin. They can prescribe you with hydroquinone which makes use of hydrogen peroxide to reduce melanin and get rid of pigmented skin. Regularly using a hydroquinone cream will help in reduction of darkness. Apart from this there are also other treatments available to lower the melanin production in our body. One of such treatment includes using of monobenzone cream. When this cream is applied to the skin melanocytes are secreted in the body that lowers the melanin pigment and helps to permanently make skin fair. Also there are many drugs available that you need to take orally. Hence, by visiting a dermatologist you are exposed to variety of available treatments.

Melanin reducing creams
Beauty stores are flooded with skin whitening creams that help in lightening the skin tone. These creams contain various natural extracts and chemically made formulas that help in reducing the quantity of the melanin in skin. Also there is present collagen, vitamin c and antioxidants that overall provides flexibility to the skin, removes the wrinkles and help you achieve fairness. Research about some of the best cream available and use it for getting a glowing and white complexion.
A laser surgery might help
If you have the money then this is the fastest and the most promising solution to reduce melanin levels. In this process a high intensity pulsed laser is focused on the skin which is used to break down the melanin pigment under it. Before opting for a laser treatment, consult with the doctor regarding the advantages as well as the side effects of it. Laser skin lightening process requires 5-10 sessions and then there are certain precautions you need to follow to maintain the fairness.
Apply sun protection lotions
This is the best precaution you can take whether you skin is dark or fair. Using sun protection lotions helps in providing a layer of shield to skin and it not only prevents tanning and pigmentation but also lowers the risk of skin cancer. When the sun rays fall on the surface of skin, melanin is produced to protect it. But, if you use such a lotion in advance your skin will not have to produce melanin. This will not make your skin fair, but will prevent further production of this pigment and thus prevent darkening of skin.
Home remedies to reduce melanin in skin
1. Potato
The catecholase enzyme and the bleaching effects of the potato work great in erasing the darkness and blemishes from the skin. Make a paste of potato and daily apply it to your skin area with high melanin. Daily use the remedy and you will see a change in your complexion. The well known properties present in it will give you a lighter complexion by reducing melanin in skin
2. Lemon juice
This natural product will be mentioned everywhere when it comes to lightening of the skin colour. The high vitamin c content and the acidic characteristic of lemon work great in lightening the dark spots and scars. Slice one lemon and extract the juice. Mix one tablespoon of honey in this paste and stir it properly. Now apply it to your dark skin and wait for 5 minutes. Use it everyday to get a clear and whitened skin tone.
3. Turmeric
This is an ancient asiatic remedy to improve the fairness of an individual. In parts of asia like india, pakistan and bangladesh this remedy is very popular. Turmeric is a medically proved natural product that helps to lower the melanin levels and make skin fair. To use this remedy mix water or rose water to turmeric powder and apply this paste to your face, neck and hands. Let it remain for a period of 15 minutes and then wash it.
4. Cucumber
Cucumbers are a little slow but very effective for moisturizing the skin and getting rid of skin pigmentation. The soothing properties in cucumbers help to relax the skin and the lightening properties works in the breakdown of the melanin. To use this remedy either slice a cucumber and then use it or make a paste and then cover the skin with it. This remedy also works in removing freckles and blemishes from the face.
5. Aloe vera
Aloe vera gel is the all in one solution to all the skin problems. It provides moisture, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all the other compounds required for keeping skin healthy and glowing. Also in this case aloe plant passes essential compounds to the skin that reduces the quantity of melanin, making skin fair. Do you the fact that the some of the most powerful commercial products use aloe vera extracts for lightening the skin tone. So to use this remedy apply this paste over the skin and then let it dry so that it passes all the essential nourishment and helps you get rid of this problem.
6. Tomato
Tomatoes are considered to contain the most powerful form of antioxidants plus it has vitamin c and the skin lightening characteristics. It is great remedy to get rid of melanin in skin and thus get a fair skin tone. Mash one tomato and apply it all over. Wait for 20 minutes and then clean it with water. Regularly using this remedy will fade the dark spots and clear the pigmentation from the skin.
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10 Ways to heal your Mole Naturally

Doctor, Begusarai
10 Ways to heal your Mole Naturally
1. Garlic

Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies for moles because it contains enzymes that help break down the clusters of pigment-producing cells. Plus, it helps lighten the dark pigmentation.

Crush a fresh garlic glove and place it on the mole.
Secure it with a bandage and leave it on overnight, or at least for four hours.
Do this daily for a few days. The mole will then fall off naturally. This method is said to give positive results with merely five days of daily application.
Make sure to disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant before repeating the process daily. Plus, to protect the skin surrounding the mole, apply some petroleum jelly or oil.

Warning: applying garlic on skin can cause redness and irritation.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very popular home remedy for mole removal. Due to its acid content, it helps scab the mole and makes it fall off over time.

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place it on the affected area. Secure it with a bandage or medical tape and leave it on overnight. Do this daily for about 10 days or until the mole falls off.
Alternatively, you can rub warm water on the mole or lightly scrape the surface with an emery board and then apply cider vinegar on it until it turns white. Leave it on until it dries naturally. Do this several times a day.
Apple cider vinegar is likely to make the mole worse in the initial few days, but it will get better in a week. If it leaves a scar, apply coconut oil.

Note: to protect the skin around mole, apply petroleum jelly on the surrounding area before applying apple cider vinegar.

3. Castor oil

Castor oil helps remove warts, moles, and skin tags. Being a discutient, it helps dissolve and eliminate unusual growths. This method is not likely to leave scars. However, it tends to take a lot of time as it gets rid of moles one layer at a time.

Mix a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of castor oil. You can also mix in ground aspirin.
Gently rub the mixture on your mole.
Leave it on for a few hours until it dries naturally.
Do this twice daily for about one month.
If you do not have baking soda, you can use castor oil alone.

4. Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is particularly useful for removing raised moles. It softens the moles and loosens them around the edges so they can easily come off.

Mix enough finely ground flax seeds and honey with flaxseed oil to make a paste.
Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for at least one hour.
Follow this remedy three times a day for a few weeks.

5. Iodine

A tincture of iodine can also be used to remove moles and skin tags. It triggers natural cell death and eliminates the clusters. You can get iodine tincture from a drug store.

Clean the affected area and apply a drop of 5% iodine solution on your mole. For flat moles, you can also scratch it slightly with an emery board before applying the iodine.
Cover it with a bandage or gauze and leave it on overnight or as long as possible.
Repeat the procedure daily for a week or two.
If you do not want to use a bandage, then apply the iodine solution two or three times a day and leave it on until it dries completely.

Note: iodine will remove moles without scarring, but it is likely to stain the skin. To avoid this deep purple staining, apply a little lotion or petroleum jelly around the mole to protect the surrounding skin.

6. Pineapple juice

Fresh pineapple juice can help lighten the pigmentation of moles, thereby making them less noticeable.

Soak a cotton ball in pineapple juice and apply it on your mole.
Leave it on overnight or until the juice dries.
Do this several times a day for a few weeks or until your mole fades.

7. Grapefruit seed extract

Being rich in vitamin e and flavonoids, grapefruit seed extract works as a good natural home remedy to get rid of moles.

Apply one drop of grapefruit seed extract on your mole, cover it with a bandage or gauze and leave it on for a few hours. Do this two or three times a day for about one month.
Alternatively, you can combine one part grapefruit seed extract and 10 parts avocado oil. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this daily until you are satisfied with the results.

8. Onion juice
Onions juice
Onion juice can help get rid of moles and maintain an even skin tone because of its acidic properties.
Extract fresh onion juice and apply it on the affected area using a cotton swab. Leave it on for 30 minutes or more and then wash it off. Do this two or three times daily for at least three weeks.
Alternatively, apply a mixture of equal parts of onion juice and apple cider vinegar. Leave it on overnight or at least for half an hour. Do this daily for a month or until your mole fades away.

9. Frankincense
Frankincense oil
Frankincense essential oil, being astringent in nature, helps dry up a mole and remove it layer by layer.
Dilute frankincense essential oil by adding eight teaspoons of olive oil to one teaspoon of this oil.
Dab it on your mole and leave it on for a few hours.
Do this two or three times a day for a few weeks.
To prevent scarring, continue the treatment for several days even after the mole disappears.

Note: do not use this remedy if it causes skin irritation.

10. Aloe vera
Aloe vera gel

Unlike other acidic ingredients, aloe vera gel works as a mild natural remedy for removing and lightening skin moles.

Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the mole and secure it with a cotton bandage.
Leave it on for three to four hours to allow the aloe to be absorbed completely.
Do this two or three times a day for a month, or until you are satisfied with the results.
Before trying out these remedies, especially the ones with strong ingredients like garlic and apple cider vinegar, make sure your skin is not sensitive to them. Plus, if the remedy worsens the skin condition then discontinue its use.
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Best Natural Ways of Turning Your Dark Skin Colour into Light

Doctor, Begusarai
Best Natural Ways of Turning Your Dark Skin Colour into Light
Many of us are blessed with dark skin colour. Sometime dark complexion becomes reason for disappointment in many women. To overcome such disappointments, you can try out some of the natural skin whitening treatments.

Skin is a very sensitive organ of our body. One must avoid using highly concentrated chemicals for keeping their skin glowing and soft. People with dark skin colour often try out cosmetic products to make it light, but it is not safe sometime. Natural treatments are always advisable for skin care. Nature has bestowed us many wonderful substances for beauty treatment.

Here is a list of few natural substances for skin care ---

-> Aloe Vera-
This plant has many medicinal values. It is native to South Africa, and forlong it has been used for treatments of many ailments. The pure gel inside the aloe verais very effective in treating hyperpigmentation of skin. It successfully reduce theprocess of hyper-pigmentation and your skin looks bright than ever. You can grow theseplants with least of maintenance in small pots.

• Alum Crystal-
You can rub the alum crystal on your face for skin lightening. For better results, you can churn the alum crystal into powder, and scrub your skin by mixing it with moisturiser. It gradually fixes the dark portion of your skin.

• Papaya-
This fruit is best known for its skin care treatment values. It not only lightens your skin, but it is also a very good anti-ageing substance. The presence of beta caroteneactually made it possible for ripen papaya to reduce the dark spots and ageing lines.

• Lemon-
When sebum is not distributed in even manner, your skin has an uneven tone.Applying lemon juice with Vitamin E, the skin cells get nourished and hydrated. Thismakes your skin glow and an even tone is appeared.

=> How to take care of dark colour skin
Other the above mentioned natural tips; you must learn few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Lifestyle, food habits and exposure to sun must be controlled to keep an even tone of your skin.

• Avoid direct exposure to sunlight- When you are getting out of your home, make sure that you have applied good quality sunscreen over your skin. You should not allow the direct contact of sunlight to your skin. Wear sunglass to avoid dark circles to form around your eyes.

• Good sleep and stress-free life style- Leading an improper schedule lifestyle can lead to stress. Any kind of stress is not good for your skin tone, and hence you must try to have sound sleep of 8 hours every day and try to stay happy as much you can.

• Healthy eating habit- Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and balanced diet in yourmeal on regular basis. Avoid excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol as far as possible.All the above-mentioned tips can turn your dark colour skin into white in an easy manner. These treatments do not have any side-effects, skin can easily tolerate them.
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What should one do before she gets pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy for she and her baby?

Doctor, Begusarai
What should one do before she gets pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy for she and her baby?
A typical pregnancy is nine months long, but to give your baby a healthy start, think of it as twelve months -- including the three months before you get pregnant. This means that when you start thinking about trying to conceive, you should:

See your doctor for a pre-pregnancy checkup. Don't forget to ask about things like family medical history, risk of birth defects, genetic conditions, and chronic illnesses. Discuss all the medications you take and make sure they're safe during pregnancy.

In addition to eating a healthy diet (lots of leafy greens, lean proteins, and fiber), boost your nutrients with a multivitamin specially formulated for pregnancy -- usually called a prenatal vitamin. It's particularly important to get sufficient folic acid before getting pregnant. This nutrient helps prevent birth defects like spina bifida; because many of these conditions arise very early in pregnancy, you need healthy levels of folic acid right from the start. Look for a multivitamin that contains 400 micrograms of folic acid. Ask your doctor or midwife to recommend a vitamin for you.

If you smoke, quit. Smoking poses a host of risks to a developing baby, including birth defects and low birth weight. It also doubles your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. You may also find it more difficult to become pregnant in the first place if you smoke, as smoking is strongly linked with infertility in both women and men.

Get checked for hepatitis b and c, sexually transmitted infections, and hiv.

Get any health problems -- like diabetes and high blood pressure -- under control. If you are seriously overweight, talk to your doctor about how to maintain a healthy weight.
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