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Sai life

Psychologist Clinic

94, Aces layout. Sanjay Nagar Bangalore
1 Doctor · ₹4500
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Sai life Psychologist Clinic 94, Aces layout. Sanjay Nagar Bangalore
1 Doctor · ₹4500
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We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply....more
We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply.
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Sai life is known for housing experienced Psychologists. Dr. Karan M Pai, a well-reputed Psychologist, practices in Bangalore . Visit this medical health centre for Psychologists recommended by 54 patients.


10:30 AM - 09:30 AM


94, Aces layout. Sanjay Nagar
Sanjay Nagar Bangalore , Karnataka - 560019


Dr. Karan M Pai

Msc - Clinical Psychology
3 Years experience
4500 at clinic
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Be Alive

Msc - Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Be Alive

Of living and being alive 

When opposing and conflicting 
Thoughts invade your head
Feelings overwhelm you
There is nothing left unsaid 

The world seems indifferent 
Uncaring and unkind
You feel lost and isolated
And hope is hard to find

When heart is filled with bitterness
Powerlessness and gloom
And you're certain of being headed
Towards the beginning of your doom

Clock seems to be ticking
Opportunities lost and gone
The night seems too endless 
To wait for the dawn

When all the hits and trials
Seem wasted and futile
Don't give up just yet
Wait again for a while

No matter how hard it gets
No matter what all went wrong 
You always always have it in you
To stand up and be strong

Muster the last ounce of courage
Innate deep within
Even when the silver lining
Is too bleak and too thin 

Don't give up on your dreams 
Don't give up on your life
Don't give in to the sadness
The darkness and the strife 

Bit by bit, one step at a time
As long you move ahead
Hope can never be over
Despite the panic and dread 

Being victimized and staying a victim
Are two different things you see
We are the source of creation
We can choose what we wish to be 

Change what is not working
Start anew, again
Refusing to get bogged down
By'why' and'how' and'when'

There is nothing that's unchangeable
You just need to decide
And do everything it takes
To twirl around the tide 

The path you took till now
May be crooked, harsh and tough 
Who said there is no going back
Paths are many and enough 

Choose a new one that is better
Choose another if required
Rest but never quit
When doubtful, sad or tired 

Look inside and all around
Universe listens and provides 
You only need to ask and wait,
With your arms stretched out wide 

Take back your power
Break free from the past
Possibilities that exist 
Are infinite and vast

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Stay Healthy

Msc - Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Stay Healthy

'By giving up our power 
We begin to empower'

"Why are you so shy
So quiet so meek"
"Go out, be social
There's so much to seek"

"You hardly ever sit still
And then you ask for a break"
"You really need to buck up"
"Be serious for heavens sake"

"You still can't read"
"You refuse to write"
"Going at this rate
Your future isn't bright"

"What do I do with you 
I haven't got a clue"
"You drive me mad"
"You make me feel blue" 

"You eat and stuff too much"
"You don't eat at all"
"You are so tiny"
"You are too tall"

"Your spellings are so poor"
"Your memory is so weak"
"You suck at maths and science"
"Your future is too bleak"

No matter what kids be
No matter what they say
They never seem enough
And they must always obey

We threaten, we control
We bully and blackmail 
We punish, we abuse 
While they rebel or wail

We assume we know better
We say its for their good
Unknowingly, in many ways
We scar their childhood 

We expect so much from them
To win and succeed
We turn them into robots
To their dreams we pay no heed

We expect, we judge
We project and we shame
All the joy and spontaneity 
We kill, as we tame 

What if we let them be
Take many steps back
Create a space of allowance
And cut them some slack

What if we truly listen 
To their ideas, their dreams
And let them take charge
However crazy it seems!

What if we stop instructing
The talking down, the preaching
What if we let them learn at their pace 
Stop pressurizing, let go of teaching 

What if we could be kinder
More caring, more present
What if we do what nourishes
Create memories that are pleasant 

We are not responsible 
For how they turn out to be
Give their life back in their hands
They will shine, you shall see.

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Know Your Skill

Msc - Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Know Your Skill

Unlucky people are generally more tense than lucky people, and this anxiety disrupts their ability to notice the unexpected. As a result, they miss opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else. They go to parties'; intent on finding their perfect partner.

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Thought Process on New Relationship

Msc - Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Thought Process on New Relationship

The thought of starting a new relationship after a breakup can be scary. Even an amicable split can leave you feeling insecure, depressed or wary of getting close to someone else. By focusing on your needs and approaching a potential relationship with the right frame of mind, you will be more likely to start a new relationship that will last.

It's important to strike a balance between diving right back into the dating scene and giving yourself sufficient time to recover from your breakup. To get the best out of a new relationship, you need to learn to value your relationship with yourself first. Go with what feels right for you, advises psychotherapist barton goldsmith in his article" 10 things to remember after a breakup" for" psychology today" but aim for somewhere in the middle of two extremes. Make sure you're not still too hung up on your ex before you get into another relationship, but don't wait so long that you become scared of putting yourself out there.

Even if your previous relationship ended badly, it can still be a really valuable lesson. Thinking about why things didn't work out with your ex can help you determine what you want from your next relationship and what aspects of yourself you may need to work on. If your last relationship ended because of a lack of trust, consider how you could have dealt with the problem in a more productive way. It's not about beating yourself up over what went wrong. Instead, use the experience to grow as an individual and put yourself in a healthier, happier place to begin a new relationship.

Being open to new ways of meeting people will increase your chances of finding your someone special. Online dating can be a great way of getting back into the dating scene if you want to take it slowly. Check out different dating websites and look for free trial periods to let you get to know the site and browse members' profiles before you commit to paying for a subscription. Try to be upbeat. Resist the temptation to mope around at home if you're feeling down about being single. Get yourself out there: meet friends for a drink or accept an invitation to a dinner party. You never know where or when you will meet a potential partner, so embrace all opportunities to widen your social circle

Before you commit to a new relationship, make sure you are with that person for the right reasons. Work out what your instincts are telling you. Asking yourself some difficult questions at this stage will help you make the right decision and give a potential relationship a great chance of success. If you have gone for someone because he seems to be the exact opposite of your ex or turned a blind eye to early warning signs that he may not be right for you, this is the time to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. It's better to be on your own than with the wrong person. When the right one comes along, you'll know.

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