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Ayursamvriddhi Ayurveda Centre

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#39/26, Ground Floor, Venkatapura Main Road, Koramangala 1st Block, Landmark: Near R V Fashion Bangalore
2 Doctors · ₹100
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Ayursamvriddhi Ayurveda Centre Ayurveda Clinic #39/26, Ground Floor, Venkatapura Main Road, Koramangala 1st Block, Landmark: Near R V Fashion Bangalore
2 Doctors · ₹100
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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you....more
Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.
More about Ayursamvriddhi Ayurveda Centre
Ayursamvriddhi Ayurveda Centre is known for housing experienced Ayurvedas. Dr. Naveen V, a well-reputed Ayurveda, practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for Ayurvedas recommended by 80 patients.


06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


#39/26, Ground Floor, Venkatapura Main Road, Koramangala 1st Block, Landmark: Near R V Fashion
Koramangala Bangalore, Karnataka
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Dr. Naveen V

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
14 Years experience
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06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
13 Years experience
100 at clinic
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06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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I have high cholesterol and I am overweight. Hardly getting time for exercise. Please suggest a good plan to reduce my weight.

MSC (Dietetics & Food Services Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietatics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
I have high cholesterol and I am overweight. Hardly getting time for exercise. Please suggest a good plan to reduce m...
Hello sir, firstly focus on your cholesterol level eat flexseed powder 5gm with water (early morning) and include more fruits and vegetable in your diet @ use non stick pan to reduce the intake of oil, fried foods and high fried snacks need to be avoided @ start some alternative method of food preparation such as sprouting legumes may be added to any vegetable, chapati/ chilla, pulaoo, or raita.

I want to lose fat and gain stamina. Can you suggest a diet and exercise to lose fat and gain stamina.

MSC (Dietetics & Food Services Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietatics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
I want to lose fat and gain stamina. Can you suggest a diet and exercise to lose fat and gain stamina.
Select whole grain such as multigrain bread, barley, oats as well as whole pulses it also provide more vitamin and minerals and other health promoting nutr. Than refined grain eat almond or walnuts Have regular meal.

Care Givers - The Support System One Needs!

PhD - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Care Givers - The Support System One Needs!

Family members are the primary caregivers of persons with mental illnesses. The family caregiver plays multiple roles in the care of persons with mental illness, including taking day-to-day care, supervising medications, taking the patient to the hospital and looking after the financial needs. 

The family caregiver also has to bear with the behavioral disturbances in the patient. Thus, the family caregiver experiences considerable stress and burden and needs help in coping with it. The caregivers develop different kinds of coping strategies to deal with the burden.

 An unhealthy coping style is likely to adversely affect the care giving function. Hence, it is important to take care of the needs of family caregivers. The caregivers caring for their patient with mental illness feel stressed, anxious and low since the illness tends to be chronic and demanding. In the long run, there may occur burnout and emotional exhaustion. The caregivers feel isolated from the society, both due to the restriction of their social and leisure activities, as well as the social discrimination and stigma attached to the mental illnesses. 

Most caregivers take up the caring role in the absence of any significant knowledge about the illness. The role and demands are incorporated within the regular family responsibilities. The caregivers develop different kinds of coping strategies to deal with the burden of caregiving. A lot of trial and error may be involved in coping. 

Coping mechanisms of the caregiver: It is important to understand caregivers’ coping mechanisms for tackling burden because it affects caregivers’ day-to-day functioning. The burden is a constant source of stress, and how the caregivers cope with it, affects the course of illness. The burden and the coping methods also influence the physical and mental health of the caregiver and hence their further efficacy as a caregiver.

The coping strategies can be broadly grouped into two groups: Emotion-focused and problem focused. ·    

 1. The emotion-focused strategies aim to diminish the negative emotional impact of the stressor, and include avoidance, denial, fatalism, or looking to religion. The emotion-focused coping has been reported to be associated with the perception of a higher burden 

2. The problem focused coping refers to direct actions, which individual undertakes to change the situation. These include problem-solving or seeking social support to resolve the stress of care giving. Problem-focused and fewer emotion-focused coping strategies lead to reduced perception of burden. Problem-solving coping has been reported to be associated with better functioning

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Being Feminine - A Gift!

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Being Feminine - A Gift!

Every woman is given nature's gift of being feminine. However, the many roles of a woman take a toll on her health and body.
Pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes all create challenges for her to maintain her youthfulness. 
So whether it is a recurrent urinary and vaginal infection, vaginal looseness, unable to enjoy your sexual life or loss of control over urine and urine leakage, don't be shy or embarrassed.
O shot/ PRP treatments along with laser techniques are now available which can cure these issues quickly and discreetly. 

Some benefits of this are:
1. Improved pelvic/gynecological health
2. Better immunity against vaginal and urinary tract infections
3. Vaginal tightening
4. Better control over urine
5. Improved aesthetics and looks of your private parts
6. Better experience during lovemaking

So girls, go ahead and talk to your gynecologist about these unspoken issues and reclaim your confidence.

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Role Of Balanced Diet For Healthy Hair!

Dermatologist, Noida
Role Of Balanced Diet For Healthy Hair!

Food is important for the health and growth of your hair as well, like every other body part. The only difference is that you have to supply the food to the hair follicles before the hair strand grows since once it grows out it is nothing but a dead cell and nothing can make the hair thicker or straighter or healthier. But a healthy diet can keep the hair follicles nourished and the scalp healthy thus preventing hair fall and other various ailments that cause hair fall.

Just like your skin, your hair shows damage through dieting too. Just that the skin shows immediately and the hair to show the extent of damage would take longer. But nevertheless, a crash dieting or an unhealthy lifestyle would surely take a toll on your hair too along with your skin. There are other reasons for unhealthy hair too like smoking excessively, drinking excessively, keeping your hair unclean and so on. But maintaining a healthy diet throughout would help in combating these much more effectively than any cosmetic products ever can.

There are many food items that help in healthy hair growth. Taking just any food that is regarded as healthy will not help. You would have to know exactly what the ingredients are that are the building block of healthy hair and in which food items you would get these ingredients. You have to then include these food items into your daily diet plan. For instance, protein is the most important ingredient that aids in healthy hair growth. The reason is that the hair strand is mostly made of protein and hence a protein-rich diet would ensure that your hair stand is strong such that it does not break easily.

 A healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair too and for a healthy scalp, you would need a diet rich in iron, vitamin E and some essential minerals like copper, selenium and magnesium. Vitamin D is also important. You would get Vitamin D through the sunlight but remember that too much sunlight can damage the hair instead of supplying it with vitamin D. For protein, minerals and vitamin E, you should take ample amounts of fishes like salmon, eggs, lean beef; vegetables like spinach as well as lentils too.

It is important though that you consult a good doctor first before taking all the above-mentioned food items at once. Your doctor can plan out a balanced diet for you.


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What Is Emotional Quotient (EQ)?

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
What Is Emotional Quotient (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence means using emotions and thinking together – it’s about balance. In layman’s words, it means being smarter with feelingsEmotional Quotient (EQ) means knowing and managing your own emotions and recognizes and manages other people’s emotions and motivates yourself too. It helps to manage relationships so that a person can achieve personal and professional goals through the use of other people.

EQ mainly represents personal and social competence.

Personal Competence: It means knowing your emotions means Self-awareness about how you feel. It helps to access your emotional state. It has three aspects which includes

  • Self-Assessment-means awareness about your positive and negatives, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Self Confidence- to be positive and secure and assured whatever situation you are.
  • Self-Management- to understand and control your emotions so that they don’t control you i.e. self-control which means maintaining positivism in the face of the problematic. The people who excel in it can bounce back far more quickly from life’s setbacks and disappointments.

Social Competence: It means how well you manage your relationship with others, including their emotions. It has two concepts.

  • Social Awareness-means understanding the emotions of those people around you and empathizes with others and aware about what is affecting them.
  • Social Management- by using the awareness of owns emotions and others to build a healthy relationship. It’s a way to communicatepersuade and lead others, whilst being direct and lowest without alienating People who excel in these skills do well at anything that relies on interacting smoothly with others.

The Four Fundamental Aspects of Emotional Intelligence are:-

  • Recognizing emotions
  • Understanding emotions
  • Regulating emotions
  • Using emotions

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It is more important for personal and professional success. The research found that IQ had little relation to success at work and in the rest of their lives. Once you are established in some particular work or job/ life, success is more likely to depend on your ability to persist in the face of difficulty and to get along well with others. It can be remedied to a great extent.  It represents a habit and response that can be improved with the right effort.


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Causes Of Thinning Of Hair!

Dermatologist, Noida
Causes Of Thinning Of Hair!

Losing strands of hair can be rather unpleasant and at the same time very embarrassing too. There are many people who find strands of hair in their bathroom drain or even on their pillows after a night’s sleep. If you too happen to fall into that category of people, you need not be alarmed although the situation might be alarming.

Most of the time, it is just the normal shedding of hair although you might feel otherwise. Any average individual loses about 100 strands of hair every day and that is quite natural. The shed hair is replaced by the new growth of hair and the cycle starts over again. But if you happen to notice that there is excessive hair fall happening every day, it’s high time to look for professional intervention or for solutions that will help you in averting the alopecia or premature baldness of hair.

Alopecia or baldness can affect any person, irrespective of the gender and age. It is not always determined by the genes but there are several other causes behind baldness. The most common cause of alopecia is the pattern baldness or the androgenetic alopecia. It can either be hereditary or it can also be caused because of a higher level of androgens. If you are a male, you might notice an M shaped thinning of the hair, and if you are a female, the hair can thin down from the front and the central scalp.

If you notice a bald spot on the scalp, it might be caused by the alopecia areata. When you suffer from this condition, the immune system of your body produces such antibodies that fight off the harmful microorganisms begin to damage the hair follicles instead thereby leading to hair loss in small patches of baldness.

It is important to know and learn about the causes of hair loss since only when you are aware of your condition will you be able to get proper guidance from a hair specialist or a dermatologist so as to get appropriately treated for the same. There are several options to prevent the loss of hair like consuming oral medication and applying topical medication, or you can also opt to undergo certain surgical procedures like the hair transplantation, laser hair therapy or the hair replacement and weaving.

Thus even if you have thinning hair, you can always choose technology to fight hair loss and get back your original appearance.


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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD- Dermatology
Dermatologist, Gurgaon
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy!

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a concentration of platelet-rich plasma protein that is extracted from a patient's own blood. PRP is a clear, yellow fluid that has an increased concentration of growth factors than regular blood; therefore, it is used to encourage healing and growth and is often referred to as liquid gold.
PRP for hair loss is a minimally invasive, highly effective procedure meant for anyone concerned with a receding hairline or hair loss both men and women, as well as younger and older patients can benefit from this procedure. 

PRP can also be used to rejuvenate the skin when used in conjunction with a procedure called micro needling. Medical-grade micro needling is a great way to improve complexion, fine lines, texture, coloration, and acne scars. 
This procedure is particularly popular for its minimal downtime and camera-ready skin results. 

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Shirodhara For Good Health!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Nashik
Shirodhara For Good Health!

It is otherwise called Shiro pariseka.
Well developed by physicians of Maharashtra.
By selecting different liquid media, we can use it for many diseases.
For example
For vata- Oil.
For pita- Milk, ghee and coconut water.
For Kapha- Buttermilk, cow's urine and dhanyamlam (a fermented liquid preparation of cereals).
Dhara can be done on head or all over the body or locally.

General indications
- Insanity.
- Chronic sinusitis.
- Cerebrovascular diseases.
- Diseases of head, neck, ears, nose, throat and nervous system.
- Epilepsy
- Psoriasis.
- Migraine headache
- Mental disorder
- Hair fall
- Improve hair health 

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Yoga And ED!

Diploma In Traditional Siddha, B.H.M.S
Sexologist, Bilaspur
Yoga And ED!

Yoga helps you beat erectile dysfunction (ed) through stress relief, improved blood flow which is essential for stronger and long-lasting erections, and other mechanisms that scientists are now beginning to elucidate.

If you want to beat ED, study says yoga poses as an effective, natural, and inexpensive solution. We bring you seven poses to try.

1. Boat pose (naukasana)
Boat pose activates sexual hormones in men and helps you last longer between the sheets by strengthening your hips, buttocks, and thigh muscles. It belongs to one of the basic yoga poses due to its simplicity. Here’s how to do it:

• lie on the back with arms beside your body and feet together
• inhale and as you’re exhaling start lifting your chest and feet off the ground

• stretch your arms toward your feet

• your eyes, fingers, and toes should be in a straight line, but at first, it might be easier for you to keep them at knee height

• maintain the pose for a few seconds while taking a deep breath

• exhale and return to the starting position

2. Plank (kumbhakasana)
Plank is one of the most beneficial poses or exercises, you can do and it happens to combat ed. Improved endurance during the sexual performance and upper body strength are additional benefits of this useful pose. To maximize your effort, combine plank with one of the top male enhancement pills for super strong and hard erections. Here’s how to get into this posture:

• begin with the kneeling position with hands resting on your thighs

• bend forward with hands on the floor right in front of you

• raise the buttocks with knees still on the ground

• slide both feet backward and raise your knees making sure that your head, trunk, back, and legs are forming a straight line

• don’t bend your knees and elbows

• maintain the pose for a few seconds and release

3. Raised leg pose (uttanpadasana)
This particular yoga posture provides an intense workout to your core and engages glutes and quadriceps. As a result, you last longer in bed, particularly in the missionary position. Raised leg pose stretches the psoas and the hip flexor muscles, thus boosting your energy levels and increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, thus helping you beat ed. To make this pose, you should:

• lie flat on the back and breathe normally

• place hands by your sides with palms facing down

• inhale and lift the legs from the ground at about 45 to 60-degree angle

• hold the posture for 15-20 seconds

• exhale and return to the starting position

4. Seated forward bend (paschimottanasana)
Seated forward bend is yet another pose that combats ed and helps you last longer in bed. It does so by improving your endurance and strength while targeting perineal muscles, the group of muscles found between scrotum and anus. Here are the instructions:

• sit straight with legs extended and toes flexed towards you

• inhale as you’re raising arms over your head

• exhale and bend forward moving the chin towards your toes

• stretch out your arms and try to let them reach the furthest they can (preferably all the way to your toes) without making it feel uncomfortable or too painful

• inhale, lift your head and elongate the spine

• exhale while trying to bring the navel to your knees

• remain in that position for a few seconds and release

5. Bow pose (dhanurasana)
One of the most important characteristics of bow pose is the stimulation of reproductive organs. Besides ed, bow pose tackles premature ejaculation and intensifies your orgasms. To get into the bow pose, you should:

• lie on the stomach with feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides

• raise your legs so that feet are facing the direction of your head and hold your ankles

• inhale while lifting the chest off the floor

• pull your legs up and back

• stay in this position for 15-20 seconds and release

6. Half camel pose (ardha ustrasana)
Half camel pose improves your digestion and helps you tone the entire body. Also, it has a beneficial impact on a man’s urogenital system. In order to get into this incredibly simple pose, you should:

• being with kneeling position with hands on your thighs and knees apart

• rise up with arms beside your body

• hold the left ankle with right hand and stretch left arm in front of the head, like you’re pointing something at the horizon

• stay in this position for 30 seconds

• return to the initial pose and switch sides

7. Half moon pose (ardha chandrasana)
With this pose, you can improve stamina and endurance as well as tone your entire body. As you already know, stamina and endurance are crucial for your sexual health and performance which is why enhancement pills like endovex provide ed relief as well as a boost in endurance, strength, and other factors vital to your sex life. So, here’s the process:

• stand straight on your mat and bring right foot back so that you are at a low lunge with left leg

• your hands should be framing your left foot

• bring right hand to your right hip

• lift up right foot

• straighten your left leg out behind you

• rotate your right hip back stacking it on top of the left hip

• extend right hand toward the sky

• maintain this position for 5 deep breaths

• return to the starting position

Yoga isn’t just for women; it benefits male sexual health as well. Yoga improves your endurance, increases blood flow, and strengthens muscles thus allowing you to improve your sexual performance in a natural manner.

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