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Get Mother Sparsh Unscented Water Wipes (10 wipes) - Sample for FREE*
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*Pay only shipping charges of ₹30.Get flat ₹30 back as LybrateCash
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<strong>Unscented Baby Water Wipes </strong>

Unscented Baby Water Wipes

Nothing is as gentle as water & presence of 99% pure water in our wipes makes them safest to use on baby's delicate skin.
<strong>Three-times thicker Medical-Grade Cloth (Plant Made)</strong>

Three-times thicker Medical-Grade Cloth (Plant Made)

Germ free medical-grade fabric derived from bamboo & sugarcane pulp for safe cleaning even for the most sensitive part of the body
<strong>Effective for Normal to Sensitive Skin + Hand & Mouth Cleaning</strong>

Effective for Normal to Sensitive Skin + Hand & Mouth Cleaning

Pure water & plant fabric makes it gentle for all skin type and also avoid allergy, redness and rashes.

8 out of 10 moms are really worried about Diaper Rashes!

A diaper holds urine and feces against baby's sensitive skin.
Resulting in growth of yeast, fungus and bacteria.
Causing redness, irritation & allergy called Diaper Rash.
Cleaning with ordinary baby wipes may increase the problem due to the abundance of chemicals used in fabric & baby wipes formulation.

This time, don't just change the diapers, change your ordinary baby wipes.

Cottony-soft fabric| 100% Eco-friendly water wipes

Benefits of Mother Sparsh Unscented Pure water wipes

  • Skin Health:- Baby wipes are used 7-8 times on baby skin in a day. It has a vital role for healthy skin development. Mother Sparsh baby water based wipes has pure water & natural fabric which cleans baby well & maintain good skin health.
  • No Fragrance/ No Skin Allergies:- Mother Sparsh unscented water wipes are free from parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, fragrances, petrochemicals, chlorine, dyes, triclosan to avoid skin allergies & redness on baby skin.

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes